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Kanji/Kana エイプマン
Rōmaji Eipuman
Full name
Voiced by Ricardo Contreras (English)
Class Special
Environment Unknown
Native to
Abilities Enhanced Physical Abilities
Media Debut
Manga Chapter 29
Anime Episode 16

Apeman is a large, gorilla-like Danger Beast species.


Apemen seem to be muscle-for-brain Danger Beasts with little reliance on tactics and more on brute force. They are quite powerful, able to even damage users handling Teigu with protective-capabilities.

Known Apemans

Kurome's Apeman

According to Kurome, she held this particular Apeman a favorite for a while, implying that it's one of the first puppets that she had obtained. It is not known how and where she obtained it. Being a resurrected puppet, it displayed no sense of pain and fatigue and could only be defeated once his head was cut off or his body was destroyed completely. It was destroyed by Tatsumi after a prolonged fight, but not before it damaged him, even though he was wearing Incursio.

Black Book Info

A Dangerous Beast in the form of an ape. His low intelligence, his powerful muscles, and his manageability made him favorite of Kurome. He attacks Tatsumi with the help of Henter, but Tatsumi reads his moves and crushes him.


V· T·E Jaegers
Faction: The Empire
Leader: General Esdeath
Members: Run · Wave · Kurome
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