Barbara Oarburgh
Voiced by
Age 50-60s
Gender Female
Eye Color Purple
Hair Color Grey
Blood Type
Status Deceased
Faction Oarburgh
Revolutionary Army
Media Debut
Manga Chapter 6 (Zero)
Image Gallery

Babara Oarburgh is a character introduced in Akame ga Kill! Zero. She was an assassin hired by the Revolutionary Army.


Babara is an older woman with gray hair and purple eyes. She wears purple clothes and a purple hat. On her left hand, Babara wears a metal glove. She claims to have been beautiful when she was young.


Babara is a rather bloodthirsty and violent person. Her presence and aura even intimidate the mercenaries she has to work with. She is calm most of the time and seems to genuinely care for her young disciples. During missions, she sometimes poses as a friendly old lady. She enjoys talking about her past. She refused to die helplessly and committed suicide instead. Despite her violent behavior, she also can uphold some joke as she teases Chelsea to make her as a dinner when she disguised under Gaea Foundation effect as a local bird.


A member of the Oarburgh clan, Babara is an extremely famous assassin, whose name is well known by those involved in the field of assassinations. She is usually seen traveling with Taeko and Chelsea, both of whom are serving as her disciples.

She was once mentioned to be beautiful in her young age.

She later engages Najasho, Green and Guy in battle before Gozuki arrives as the two engages in a battle that resulted in Babara being cut by Murasame. Near her death, Babara detonated herself as a final attempt to kill the four people present but to no avail.


Babara is an extremely skilled combatant, she was able to take on Najasho, Green and Guy all three members from the Elite Seven at the same time and hold the advantage. Babara also has resistance to over 600 types of poison in her body.

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