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Double-Bladed Axe: Belvaac is an axe Teigu that can only be wielded by someone with a very high level of strength. It was formerly owned by Daidara and is currently owned by the Revolutionary Army.


While searching for a compatible weapon, Belvaac was one of many Teigus to be displayed by Honest for Esdeath to choose. Esdeath was quite fond of the axe, but had decided that it wasn't the perfect weapon she was seeking. Sometime after, Daidara got a hold of the Teigu and used it in many of his battles while fighting alongside his comrades. After his death, the Teigu was repossessed by the Revolutionary Army.

In the anime, one of the revolutionary soldiers used it in a battle against Esdeath shortly before being killed by the General's ice power.


It contains a tremendous amount of offensive power. It looks like a double-edged axe, and it can be separated into two axes that can be thrown and will pursue the target until it hits.

Red Book Info

This axe is the Imperial Arms wielded by Daidara, one of the Three Beasts. It is so heavy, the average fighter cannot even lift it, but it boasts enormous destructive power. The gigantic axe can be separated into two axes, and, when hurled, will relentlessly pursue it's target. Daidara's sure-win tactic is the head-on attack of an enemy being pursued by his axe.

Second Belvaac user in manga

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