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Kanji/Kana ボルス
Rōmaji Borusu
Voiced by Eiji Takemoto (Japanese)
John Swasey (English)
Age 32
Gender Male
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blond
Blood Type AB
Family Wife and Daughter (Deceased)
Status Deceased
Faction Jaegers
The Incineration Squad
Teigu Rubicante
Media Debut
Manga Chapter 15
Chapter 43 (Zero)
Anime Episode 9
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Bols was the oldest member of the Jaegers. Before joining them, he was a member of the Incineration Squad. He wore a mask that obscured his face.


Bols was always seen wearing his mask as an incineration squad member and had a gasoline tank mounted on his back for his flamethrower. He wore long gloves, which served not only to help him when using the flamethrower but also for protecting Bols from attacks. He also had 3 scars on his upper chest. When his mask was taken off, while his face wasn't shown, his hair turned out to be short, spiky and blond. His eyes were shown to be blue.


Despite his grizzly appearance, Bols was a very kind and caring person. He was also quite shy and timid, as he made a long pause before first introducing himself to Wave or when he kept his mask on despite his wife claiming that his face wouldn't cause trouble for others. However, Bols was wracked with guilt over the jobs he'd had incinerating villages and believed that one day karma will catch up to him; nevertheless, he still did his job for the sake of his wife and daughter. Due to him having incinerated many villages and people dwelling in them, he was very reluctant to kill mass groups of people who he believed to be innocent. This led him to believe that many people despised him and swore vengeance on him. His love for his family was shown to be very strong; when he was about to die, he bitterly regretted his inability to return to them.

Bols was a skilled cook and often made meals for the team, and was happy to eat together with everyone after Esdeath convinced him that no one would mind his unmasked appearance.


Prior to his entry as a Jaegers, Bols was originally working for the Empire's incineration squad. He comments that he was mainly used to carry out severe executions by burning his victims to death or burning down entire villages and that at some point in time he would have to pay for these atrocities. Despite his background, he eventually gets married for six years and also has a daughter. Together, his wife and daughter usually comfort him during work or when he's having emotional problems. When he was called to the capital due to him being a Teigu user, he quickly becomes acquainted with other users who were also called. He had been particularly close with Wave, who had arrived just after him. Soon he along with the other Jaegers (and Tatsumi who had been dragged along by Esdeath), assault a nearby bandit fortress. He becomes well known by the bandits as he uses Rubicante to burn the bandits on top of the walls. Later he is asked by Esdeath for advice regarding Tatsumi, in which Bols replied that she mustn't give up hope until Tatsumi finally falls for her. Later he (or at least his squad) had burned down a village loyal to the revolutionary army. This would eventually mark him out as a main target for the Night Raid.

File:Bols Hallucinates.jpg

Bols thinks of his family before he dies

Later he along with Wave and Kurome split up from Esdeath, Seryu and Run, who attack Najenda's position, while he alongside Wave and Kurome proceed to attack Akame and Mine. The trio unknowingly ends up falling into Najenda's trap and are not only ambushed by Akame, Mine, and Najenda but also Leone, Tatsumi (using Incursio) and Susanoo. Susanoo also makes quick work of Wave by knocking him into a far and unknown area after he protected Kurome from Susanoo's attack. Soon a battle ensues between Night Raid and the remaining Jaegers. He ends up fighting Akame, but her attacks fail to impact him due to the protection of one of Kurome's puppets, Woll. Initially, both sides seem to be evenly matched as Bols can't shoot Akame due to her speed, but she can't attack Bols properly thanks to Bols' protective gear as well as aid from Woll. Soon during the fight, a crippled Leone, who had her left arm chopped off by Kurome comes in to aid Akame. The tide soon changes in favor of Akame and Leone, forcing Bols to use his trump card. In an attempt to kill both Akame and Leone, Bols self-destructs the gas tank of his flamethrower successfully hitting both Akame and Leone, causing Leone to collapse from her wounds. Though wounded, Bols manages to escape the explosion but comes across a girl who had scratched her leg. He then moves in to bandage the girl's wound, but the girl, who is Chelsea in disguise, proceeds to kill Bols. She then tells Bols that the girl he just saw was from a village that he burned. In his last moments, Bols attempts to crawl his way home in order to see his family once again but dies from his wounds. Chelsea then proceeds to take Bols' armaments and disguises herself as Bols.


Bols' death affected Kurome and Wave greatly, with Kurome flying into a rage upon realizing that Chelsea had killed him and ordering her brutal death.

Following his death, Bols' wife is given a large sum of money so that she can survive on her own and take care of her daughter. Even after Bols death, Bols' family continued to visit Bols' grave daily. This, however, leads to the tragic death for the mother and daughter as the two of them were raped and tortured to death by Syura and Wild Hunt at his grave. This cruelty, especially towards someone he respected so much, sent Wave over the edge. After having punched Syura in the face when he threatened Kurome, Wave defeated the Prime Minister's son in a fair one-on-one hand-to-hand battle.

Equipment and Skills

Bols wielded a flamethrower Teigu, named Purgatory's Invitation: Rubicante. With this weapon, he was seen setting large groups of enemies on fire that will not extinguish even if the target submerges themselves in water. He had impressive strength as one could expect from a man of his physique, and could beat Danger Beasts into submission with his bare hands.


  • A small glance of Bols' face was seen when Esdeath unmasked him during a group meal.


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