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Note: Filler Events that happen in the anime only and does not constitute to the canon material.

When Tatsumi and Lubbock attempted to infiltrate the palace with aid from revolutionary spies, Budo caught up with Tatsumi and battles the latter who's now clad in his Incursio. After a lengthy fight, Budo manages to defeat Tatsumi, while Lubbock got impaled by Syura's guards.

After imprisoning Tatsumi, Budo informs Honest of his son's death at the hands of Lubbock but was disgusted of the prime minister's lack of sympathy for his own kin.

At Tatsumi's execution, Budo was present where he noticed Honest's quick leave after the child emperor's speech before a large crowd gathered to witness a Night Raid member's execution. When Night Raid arrived to rescue Tatsumi, Budo was quick to battle them.

During the battle, Budo proves to be a hard adversity, incapacitating Leone early as he focuses all his attack on Mine, fatally injuring her in the process. Budo was eventually killed when Mine, near her final breath, shoots out a powerful blast from Pumpkin that completely incinerates Budo.