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Cassandra color.png
Kanji/Kana カサンドラ
Rōmaji Kasandora
Voiced by
Alias Dora
Gender Female
Eye Color Purple
Hair Color Purple
Blood Type
Status Deceased
Faction Oarburgh
Abilities Chakrams
Media Debut
Manga Chapter 28 (Zero)
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Cassandra (カサンドラ, Kasandora) was a member of Oarburgh clan.


Cassandra had purple eyes and long purple hair, which she tied in two ponytails. She wore a maid's outfit. She had four arms.


Cassandra was peaceful and intelligent. She was one of the closest people to Madam Mera. She liked more women than men.


Cassandra was sold by her parents because she was different than other people - four arms. After that, she joined the Oarburgh clan.

After Taeko and Babara death, Cassandra (with other members of Oarburgh clan) arrived to eliminate Elite Seven. Before ambush on Elite Seven, Cassandra joined to Merraid's orgy.

On the beginning first battle with Elite Seven Gilberda and Cassandra were fighting with Poney and Tsukushi, girls from Empire fled.

While Merraid was teaching Akame about the true world, they met up with Dora and Gil. Merraid involved Akame into the orgy, kissing her in front of both Gil and Dora. When Akame later distracted the Oarburgh's for Kurome to get the insect cure, Cassandra and the others tried seducing Akame, and it was strongly hinted that Akame was sexually assaulted. Later Cassandra met Akame. Later Cassandra met with Akame. Akame was thinking that Cassandra find out about her plan but Dora started to talk about what is love. She thoght that Akame doesn't want to be loved.

During Elite Seven and Four Rakshasa Demons ambush on Oarburgh's hideout, Cassandra tried to stop Akame, Suzuka and Ibara, so they couldn't catch Merraid. During battle she used Wrigglers, which she received from Mera. While fighting, Akame get away and came after Merraid. Cassandra had to deal with Rakshasa Demons. At some time, to battle against Dora joined Mez, who killed Cassandra.

Power & Abilities


Dora's Chakrams

She uses four Chakrams, called Mountain-Chakram. She uses all of her four arms at the same time. She has many skills in fighting with swords. Merraid also taught Dora how to use Wrigglers.