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Captain is chapter twelve of the Hinowa ga Yuku! manga.


In the morning, members of Hinata's Squad introduces themselves and Hinata made a speech to them. Tenrou Army then begins their assault while the Soukai Army hold the fort. Just as when Shion about to taunt Kyoukotsu, a boulder strike encampment inside the fortress, surprising him.

Kyoukotsu watches it while Yomihime was impressed that he bring the Catapult pieces by pieces and assembling it on site to lighten the burden. He then orders the second bombardment, causing Maruge to panic. In the meantime, Shion's underlings has finished the calculation and he orders his men to fire back.

Kyoukotsu thought that it won't reach them but when looking at Yomihime, she's already gone and it hit some of his siege weapons, surprising him. Before the war, the Elder on the class reminds them that each person has their own limit.

He eventually moved to the next phase, using ladders made from the bones of Gashadokuro which was elastic and difficult to catch on fire. The incoming enemy soldiers surprise Hinata and the others as Kyoukotsu's assault unit are trained specifically for attacking Shiranui Fortress.

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