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Volume 5
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Release Date April 21, 2012
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Chapter 23.5 is the special chapter of the manga series of Akame ga Kill!.


The chapter begins with three girls, Air, Fal and Luna heading for the Capital in a carriage. They were hired by a young man, Bach, who was kind to them at first, buying them clothes to win them over. After buying the clothes, they went to the young man's place only to meet his men. The girls tried to fight their way out of being held but they weren't strong enough.Then the young man's 'employees' came and the he stated that they 'love to break girls down after seeing their happiest faces'. Fal was the first to get hurt, having both her legs bent up at a 90 degrees angle. Luna was the second one to get hurt, having one of her eyes taken because an employee loved it. The last girl, Air, was stripped from her clothes and was forced to have sexual intercourse with a dog of an employee.

It's then revealed that Air was actually telling Leone the story of these events. Fal was said to have died, losing all her teeth and fingers and Luna committed suicide by falling from a high window, not being able to bare it anymore. Then Air became a loyal dog of the employee, being allowed to go outside, so that she could ask of Night Raid to kill the men. Leone accepted the task and took the money after the explanation.

Then at Bach's place, the young man was discussing about a new menu, making the men pleased. A man outside was smoking and was taken by shock when he saw Leone but before he could say barely a sentence, she killed him. 

Mine and Tatsumi were seen kicking down the wall of where the men were. Mine smiled as she started killing some of the men and Tatsumi felt anger towards Bach's men, killing them out of hatred for their crimes. Bach escaped through a secret door on the floor.

Lubbock came and killed one of the employees. Bach and a men or two were running through a sewer, thinking they escaped but then they found Akame. The men by Bach's side ran to kill Akame but they were sliced in one go. Bach, nervous and panicky, tried to make up an excuse but without hesitation Akame slashed at his chest, shocked by her eyes. But he knew because he knew she was the strongest killer of the capital.

Run and Esdeath were at the crime scene of the death. Esdeath then declared that the Jaegers would kill them. 

The scene then changed to Air. She had pills in her hand and was glad that she got revenge for her friends and her. Before she died, she hoped that when she was reborn again it would be a nicer place.

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