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Kill the Alchemist
Kanji/Kana 錬金術師を斬る
Rōmaji Renkinjutsu-shi o Kiru
Volume 12
Total Pages 36
Story Arc
Release Date
Chapter 56 Chapter 58
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Kill the Alchemist (錬金術師を斬る, Renkinjutsu-shi o Kiru) is chapter 57 of the Akame ga Kill! manga.


The remaining members of Night Raid saw Mine off after being comatose, with Tatsumi asking Mine to marry him once she awakens. After seeing Mine off, Leone made a compliment to his growing personality, but was a bit disappointed, seeing that she cannot tease him anymore, to which Akame answered that she still has her best friend with her. Leone dragged off Akame to have a drink with her, while Najenda discussed with Tatsumi about the condition of his body. According to a doctor he had previously seen, Incursio granted its user great increase in strength, but has started to slowly devour him with each transformation, which could eventually lead to Tatsumi's demise if he continued to use Incursio in such manner. Najenda voiced her concern for Tatsumi's well-being, but having the young man withdraw from the front lines during the final phases of the war and being the only one capable of countering Esdeath's trump card was something that they could not afford. Tatsumi accepted without a doubt, asking Najenda if all of their work will be enough to defeat the Empire. Najenda replied that, despite odds being in their favor, they shouldn't underestimate Esdeath's power, for she would gladly fight even if it meant her own destruction. She continued to state that they should also keep in mind that Honest might have a secret weapon ready to use against them. Tatsumi swore that he'll give it his all to defeat Esdeath and will do his best to honor Lubbock's sacrifice.

Back at Night Raid's hideout, Akame and Leone discussed about how Tatsumi lost his smile and how empty their base felt as Leone consoled her, stating that his smile will return once Mine awakens from her coma. Meanwhile, Najenda lighted a smoke in her room, finally accepting Lubbock's death after Pais and Ritone confirmed that no trace of him remained, aside from his goggles.

At the capital, the Jaegers prepared for the big battle against the Revolutionary Army, revealing a new weapon created by Dorothea.

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