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Kill the Skilled
Kanji/Kana 手練れを斬る
Rōmaji Tedare o Kiru
Volume 12
Total Pages 41
Story Arc
Release Date
Chapter 57 Chapter 59
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Kill the Skilled (手練れを斬る, Tedare o Kiru) is chapter 58 of the Akame ga Kill! manga.


In a meeting over at Shisuikan, Najenda goes over the plans to take down Esdeath by having Akame's Imperial Arm as the key. Elsewhere, Cosmina attacks a Revolutionary Army camp in order to feast while Izou kills any soldiers fleeing from the battle.

Afterwards, Dorothea tries to invite Izou for tomorrow's attack. Izou declines Dorothea's offer as he must be on bodyguard duty. Suzuka warns Dorothea to not underestimate Tatsumi and Akame and then asks Dorothea to teach about alchemy.

The following night, Akame ambushes Dorothea's party and aims at Cosmina. When Akame's Murasame wasn't effective on Cosmina, she confronts Izou. Meanwhile, Tatsumi faces off Cosmina, knowing he only has a limit of 4 times for Incursio's transformation. Then, Leone pairs off with Dorothea.

During her duel with Izou, Akame kills Izou. With his dying breath, Izou attempts to make a request to Akame to take his katana, Kousetsu. Akame knocks the katana away as she states she was never a swordsman. Then, she confronts a group of armored enemies. Leone preps herself for her battle with Dorothea.

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