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Kill the Assumptions
Kanji/Kana あなたの前提を斬る
Rōmaji Anata no Zentei o Kiru
Volume 12
Total Pages 20
Story Arc
Release Date
Chapter 58 Chapter 60
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Kill the Assumptions (あなたの前提を斬る, Anata no Zentei o Kiru) is chapter 59 of the Akame ga Kill! manga.


Leone rushed head first at Dorothea, but got caught off guard by the latter's impressive strength, who managed to block the former's direct attack with just her palm. She tightened her grip on Leone's arm before slamming her into the ground, suggesting that she continues to lie there and witness the demise of her comrades at the hands of her soldiers.

On the other side of the battlefield, three of Dorothea's troops immobilized near Akame. Akame managed to cut down one of them with her Murasame, but the soldier was used as a sacrificial pawn, as the katana got trapped within the enemy's back, whose body was covered with thick sludge. The other two positioned themselves such that they present an easy path to reclaiming the blade. Seeing how this was an obvious trap, Akame tackled them with hand-to-hand combat. She managed to evade their attacks, retrieve her katana and bifurcated one of them. The remaining two attempted to counterattack, but got dismembered quickly. Akame then stated that she'll finish off the few remaining troops, who were hiding underground waiting for an opening.

After witnessing her victory over Dorothea's foot soldiers, Leone stood by Akame, stating that with or without her Teigu, she is still lethal. Dorothea also stated this for herself. This distraction gave Leone enough time to recover, as the two resumed their battle.

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