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Kill the Wild Hunt
Kanji/Kana ワイルドハントを斬る
Rōmaji Wairudohanto o Kiru
Volume 12
Total Pages 40
Story Arc
Release Date
Chapter 59 Chapter 61
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Kill the Wild Hunt (ワイルドハントを斬る, Wairudohanto o Kiru) is chapter 60 of the Akame ga Kill! manga.


Resuming their battle, Leone charged swiftly at Dorothea, who attempted to subdue the Night Raid member only to be caught off guard by the former's remarkable speed and quickly pushed back with a powerful blow to the abdomen. Having realized the large gap in their strength, Dorothea uncovered a hidden cylindrical tube and pressed it against the ground, as a mysterious gas started to pour out. Believing it to be poison, Leone rushed through the smoke curtain to finish off her opponent, but got lapidified by Dorothea's trap, who took this opportunity to drink her blood and drain her life force. Believing to have killed Leone and feeling confident about her victory over Night Raid, Dorothea attempted to join Cosmina in her battle against Tatsumi, before Cosmina was dropped seconds later at her feet as Tatsumi launched an aerial attack directly at her.

Cosmina attempted to counteract his movements, but sustained multiple blows and got her right arm cut off. Cosmina proceeded to extend numerous spikes coated with poison from her back and sent an array of attacks towards Tatsumi, who managed to deflect a number of them with his spear before being caught off guard and got his left calf pierced by one of the spikes that was sent underground as a surprise attack, but was not swayed by the toxins effects, much to Dorothea's surprise, having developed a resistance to it in his previous encounter at the Colosseum with the help of his evolved armor. Tatsumi resumed his head on attack against Cosmina, forcing her into a corner.

Panicking, Dorothea attempted to assist her, when she was ambushed by now fully recovered Leone. Dorothea questioned Leone's sudden recovery, presuming that she had killed her earlier, to which Leone replied that her strength was replenished from devouring a group of nearby herbivores. Using their dialog as a distraction, Dorothea drew an alchemical symbol on the ground and summoned her giant monstrosity to combat Leone. The sheer speed and amount of its endurance easily outmatched Leone. Seeing no other way around it, Leone went straight for its summoner to dispel the beast. Dorothea attempted to gun her down, but Leone evaded the bullet and snapped her neck. As she collapsed to the ground, Dorothea witnessed Cosmina's bifurcation at the hands of Tatsumi.

She, however, played dead in hopes of escaping and getting her revenge in the future, but Leone approached Dorothea with an intent to crush her body with a huge boulder, as a precaution in case she were to somehow recover. But before Leone could proceed with her action, Dorothea ceased her deceit, pleading for Leone to make her one of their comrades. She continued to defend her request by stating that her death would mean a great loss for humanity, claiming to have found a way of prolonging human's lifespan by stealing life force from others. However, this only brought even more disgust to already angered Leone, as she rejected her offer, noting that none of the people she had previously killed wanted to suffer the same fate as her. In her last moments, Dorothea wouldn't accept death at any cost and continued to beg her, before Leone ended her life by slamming the huge rock over her body. After the battle had concluded, Leone stated that Dorothea had made a great point about the short length of human life and that's why one must live it to the fullest.

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