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Kill the Reinforcements
Kanji/Kana 強化を斬る
Rōmaji Kyōka o Kiru
Volume 13
Total Pages
Story Arc
Release Date
Chapter 60 Chapter 62
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Kill the Reinforcements (強化を斬る, Kyōka o Kiru) is chapter 61 of the Akame ga Kill! manga.


Following the final battle against Wild Hunt, Tatsumi hides inside a cave struggling in pain due to Incursio fusing his body until Akame and Leone come and comfort him.

Back in their hideout, Tatsumi slowly returns back to normal. Najenda suddenly comes in and informs Akame of their new assignment, ordering Tatsumi and Leone to standby due to their injuries. Outside of the hideout, Najenda explains the mission to Akame.

Meanwhile, in the Imperial Captain Barrack, Esdeath is seen testing her new ice ability until one of her subordinates come in and informs her of the Revolutionary Army invading the capital wall. Pleased with the chance to test her new skills, Esdeath heads to the battlefield. 

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