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Kill the Little Sister (Part 2)
Kanji/Kana 妹を斬る (中編)
Rōmaji Imōto o Kiru (Chūhen)
Volume 13
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Chapter 64 Chapter 66
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Kill the Little Sister (Part 2) (妹を斬る (中編), Imōto o Kiru (Chūhen)) is chapter 65 of the Akame ga Kill! manga.


The chapter starts off with Wave desperately searching for Kurome hoping to find any clue to lead him to her. Meanwhile, at the outskirts of the Empire, Akame spots Kurome and she greets her. They then have a long conversation about their past and Kurome tries to convince Akame to come back to the Empire so things would come back to the way it was when they were together. Akame still declines saying that she cannot do that due to the fact that the Empire itself is corrupted. The two sisters then challenge each other to a duel to see who's bet would win.

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