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Kill the Fate
Kanji/Kana 因果を斬る
Rōmaji Inga o Kiru
Volume 13
Total Pages
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Release Date
Chapter 65 Chapter 67
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Kill the Fate (因果を斬る, Inga o Kiru) is chapter 66 of the Akame ga Kill! manga.


The battle waged on between two sisters, with Akame gaining advantage over Kurome. Wave, donning Grand Chariot, attempted to intervene, but was ambushed by Incursio-infused Tatsumi, who knocked him back with a powerful kick to the abdomen. Wave persisted on saving Kurome, while Tatsumi argued that she was the one who wished to fight Akame. The two exchanged powerful blows, with Tatsumi outmaneuvering and defeating his opponent with ease. Refusing to give in, Wave spotted Run's corpse and realized that he guided him to Kurome in hopes of saving her. Wave proceeded to pick up Mastema and managed to wield two Teigus simultaneously. Reaching the highest altitude, Wave dive bombed with his now enhanced technique, Grand Fall: Flügel, while Tatsumi countered his attack with Neuntote.

As the effects of Kurome's drug wore off and having no way of fighting back, Akame urged her to end the match. The younger sister refused and proceeded to take the pill, right before Wave intercepted her. He then went on to express his romantic feelings for Kurome and vowed to protect her by having both of them desert the Empire. Akame proposed for the two to join up with the rebel army, but the latter declined as he had no intention of going against his own master.

Moments later, Leone appeared to report that there are no enemies within their proximity and commended Tatsumi for using up one of his transformation to persuade two Jaegers to leave the Empire, as this initial outcome would end up saving dozens of lives. Kurome is then left with a turmoil; wanting all of the suffering to end, while relented to leave the Empire, fearing the punishment for desertion and thinking the sacrifices her comrades made would have been in vain. She drawn her sword and pointed it at Akame, as Wave, yet again, stepped in and forced her hand by shattering Yatsufusa. He then swept Kurome off her feet and kissed her, as she returned his love and embraced Wave in her arms, wanting to never have to face her demons again.

Night Raid agreed to fake Wave and Kurome's deaths, with Yatsufusa as their proof. Tatsumi stated Wave's remarkable capability of wielding two Teigus at once, while Wave noted the strain it takes up on its user. Akame thanked Wave for his selflessness, as the two sisters stated that both would happily choose to be each other's sibling, if they could do redo everything. The groups parted ways, with Akame wishing for them to have a happy life. As Akame teared up, Leone and Tatsumi consoled her, promising to each other to defeat Esdeath and end the Empire's evil reign.

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