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Kill the Darkness
Kanji/Kana 晦冥を斬る
Rōmaji Kaimei o Kiru
Volume 14
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Chapter 66 Chapter 68
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Kill the Darkness (晦冥を斬る, Kaimei o Kiru) is chapter 67 of the Akame ga Kill! manga.


Tatsumi and Najenda enjoyed the beautiful day, with Najenda commenting that this weather would be perfect for the war, while Akame was seen swimming in a lake.

A day prior to the great battle, Night Raid had a feast to prepare for the upcoming event, a time that Leone took to confess some of the misdeeds she did overtime, such as gambling away Najenda's money for assignments and secretly drinking her liquor. As there were so many to name, Najenda, now annoyed by her acts, simply brushed them off as lesser priorities. Meanwhile, the group noticed Akame's silence, to which she expressed her thoughts about their fallen and surviving comrades and her wishes to eliminate those who have corrupted their country by any means necessary, as it is their sworn duty. After getting some thoughts off her chest, Akame indulged in the banquet with the rest of her team and suggested once the war's over, they, including Mine, should go off to another country on a boat, in hopes that Kurome and Wave might join them.

Far away from the Capital, Wave and Kurome had decided to spend the night in a remote hunter's cabin, instead of rummaging through the mountain and take some time to recover. Following their discussion, Wave sensed some thing's presence, as number of glaring eyes emerged from within the woods.

At the Capital, the council members discussed their options for the forthcoming battle. Seeing very little chance of victory, they conspired against the Prime Minister and had decided to have him delivered to the revolutionaries in hopes of being spared and even recruited. Honest appeared moments later, having overheard their plot and had Suzuka flay all of them as punishment before going off to prevent his majesty from overhearing of this event.

At the Imperial Capital's Military Drill Grounds, overseen by the young Emperor, Honest and Esdeath, a number of rebels in hiding spotted a huge row of centaur-like ice soldiers manufactured with Esdeath's ice manipulation. As they've watched with shock and awe, Suzuka ambushed and slammed them into the ground. Suzuka eventually allowed them to flee, as she was commanded, in order to let the intel slip of what the revolutionaries were up against. Honest commended Esdeath for her work, as she noted to the Minister that her troops had fortified their position in the west. Esdeath proceeded to mark tomorrow's battle as the festival of blood in honor of the fallen Jaegers and her long-awaited war. Meanwhile, Honest asked the young lord of his opinion, to which he responded with great admiration for Esdeath, but was anxious at the same time, as these were the same opponents that brought down General Budo. The Emperor also wished to step up where it was needed, which prompted Honest to put up a feigned smile and urged the young lord to use the "Ultimate Teigu", stating that he'll be beside the Emperor every step of the way. He then noted to himself how these actions will stain the history for all time.

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