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Kill the Dream
Kanji/Kana 夢物語を斬る
Rōmaji Yume monogatari o Kiru
Volume 2
Total Pages
Story Arc
Release Date January 22, 2011
Chapter 6 Chapter 8
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Kill the Dream (夢物語を斬る, Yume monogatari o Kiru) is chapter seven of the Akame ga Kill! manga.


Tatsumi dreamed of Sayo and Ieyasu telling him that he can't rely on them forever and then informs him that if there's an afterlife, they'll meet him there. Tatsumi tried to stop them but was snapped out of his dream. He then finds Sheele also sleeping on his bed but immediately woke up. Later, Sheele trained Tatsumi by making him wear a heavy armor and swimming with it. After that, Sheele told him that it was the best idea she could come up with to train him since she doesn't have a job in the hideout. He then asked her why she doesn't have one and Sheele admitted her clumsiness. She tried to apologize to Tatsumi but then her glasses fell off before she could do so and then picked it back up. Tatsumi then asked why she's in that line of work and Sheele answers saying, "It's a long story." She then tells him about her past, telling him that she grew up in the lower districts of the Empire and even since she was younger, she was already clumsy naturally and people called her out for her stupidity and clumsiness.

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