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Kill the Root
Volume 14
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Kill the Root is chapter 72 of the Akame ga Kill! manga.


Years earlier, Saikyuu is proposing to Honest on creating a 100-man assassination squad. Honest asks if it is to defeat those who would plot against The Empire in the shadows, which Saikyuu replies that he plans to create assassins that will pierce the darkness within the darkness.

Back to the present, Honest recalls his meeting with Saikyuu and notes on how well Leone, an assassin, made it to him all by herself; despite the ensuing chaos. Understanding that he have kept Suzuka by his side.

However, Leone states she didn't arrive by herself and mentions it was thanks to the help of others that she was able to stand where she is now. She soon lunges forward, promising to kill Honest for each person Honest had killed.

She then swings for and right-sided kick but Honest manages to block the attack and returns her own speech by promising to kill her 200 times over.

Leone then launches a fury of multiple punches; each one blocked by Honest before the

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