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Tears (Part 2)
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Volume 2
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Chapter 6 (Hinowa ga Yuku!) Chapter 8 (Hinowa ga Yuku!)
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Tears (Part 2) is chapter seven of the Hinowa ga Yuku! manga.


Hinata asked why Akame arrived to assist her and she answers that the first timer usually has high fatality rate. Akame came here after she plead to the elder despite she actually was not recovered yet from her injuries. Yomihime thought that Akame was like her but Akame told her that she owe Hinata her life. Both Akame and Yomihime start dueling while Hinata and Suzumaru watching from sides. She knew that her forces was already made a good headway to the battlefield however seeing Akame and Yomihime fights, she admit that both two are on completely different level. Both Yomihime and Akame pause the duel for a bit before they introduce themselves and Yomihime is about to use her finishing blow Falcon Sweep. Akame, knowing that the attack will surely kill her remembering her near-death experience, both Yomihime and Akame dashes forward. Akame manage to deflect her Falcon Sweep and approach Yomihime much to surprise and manage to injure her right arm with a slash. Stunned that Akame manage to injure her, Kumehachi take the shot only to be deflected by her and she quickly retreats. Hinata approach Tobari, only to relief that Yomihime's slash did not hit her vitals. While Hinata is patching up Tobari, Suzumaru ask Akame why they didn't gave chase to her. Much to his surprise, Akame's sword shattered and stated that she's strong and her own body is too heavy to pursue her. Both Hinata and Tobari sobbing, realizing that Hinata can't avenge her mother nor Tobari but Akame ease her down, telling that she need more training once she gets home. Yomihime in the other hand, lamenting about how Akame manage to deflect Falcon Sweep, a technique that always kills people upon using it. She will remember both Akame and Hinata, vowing to return for revenge.

The next day, as Tenrou army make a full retreat from Shiranui Fortress at Mt. Kageboshi, Shion manage to catch up with Maruge while withdrawing, telling that his prediction was on the money, flattering him. During the meeting, Maruge promotes Hinata and Hisame to Captain while Akame watches from a tree. Tobari, Suzumaru and Kumehachi also receive a considerate amount of rewards much to Tobari's frustration that she didn't get promoted. After that, several men approach her including the guy that was from Hinowa's unit, asking to join her unit. She welcomes them but Hisame feels a little offended that why no one wants to join his unit.

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