Danger Beast Form

As a result of Dorothea's experiments, Cosmina was mutated into a monstrous creature. In her Danger Beast form, she was very strong, fast and durable. She was able to effortlessly slaughter a large group of soldiers while deflecting bullets fired at her. Her long forelegs were capable of cutting flesh. According to Dorothea, Cosmina would grow stronger if she ate a lot of flesh. She also possessed the Philosopher's Stone (賢者の石 Kenja no Ishi) on her chest, which allowed her to live after being poisoned by Murasame; she also had the ability of jutting an array of pointed poisoned tentacles from her back.

In her Danger Beast form, Cosmina has a very large body with multiple spider-like legs, while her upper body resembles that of a mantis. She retained her hairstyle and a human-like face, but with sharp teeth in her mouth and a pair of antennae on her head. She also has a philosopher's stone embedded in her chest.

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