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Kurome with other members of Dark Squad.

The Dark Squad (ダークスクワッド, Dāku Sukuwaddo) is a special unit of assassins for the Empire. Every member of the group uses performance-enhancing drugs. Kurome was once a member of the group until she was reassigned to Jaegers.


The Dark Squad was sent to eliminate a village that has been trading with neighboring countries between the borders of the Empire and succeeded, leading corpses of innocent men, women, elderly and children killed without mercy before Kurome was given a reassignment to the Jaegers formed by Esdeath.

Later on, they were given the task to assassinate the key officers of the Revolutionary Army within their camps during the march on the Imperial Capital, but Akame had managed to take down the majority after intercepting them in their tracks.

The surviving members retreated back to the safety of the Capital where they were met with harsh criticism from their Supervisor. Following his order to escort the remaining members to the torture chamber, Esdeath killed the Supervisor for his careless actions and took Dark Squad under her watch.

Following the final battle between the rebels and the Empire, Esdeath placed Dark Squad in charge of the Capital's safety as well as to exterminate any spies that attempt to incite chaos amongst the citizens in order to open the gates from inside.

In the end, all the remaining members of the Dark Squad were either killed by the Shikoutazer's onslaught or executed by the rebels for their heinous crimes.


Former Members

Deceased members

  • Unnamed Supervisor † (Killed by the Jaegers' Esdeath)
  • Kylie † (Leader; Killed by Night Raid' Akame)
  • Mile † (Euthanized by the Empire)
  • Cena † (Euthanized by the Empire)
  • Rico † (Euthanized by the Empire)
  • Joe † (Euthanized by the Empire)
  • Unknown Members † (Killed by the Revolutionary Army, Night Raid's Akame, and Shikoutazer's onslaught)