Desta Ghoul.png
Kanji/Kana デスタグール
Rōmaji Desutagūru
Full name
Voiced by
Class Super Class
Native to Seiga
Abilities Energy Beams
Enhanced Physical Abilities
Media Debut
Manga Chapter 29
Anime Episode 15

Death Tagool is a giant dinosaur-like Danger Beast species.[1]


Death Tagool is one of the few revealed Super Class Danger Beasts in the world of Akame Ga Kill!.[2] It was apparently used to create an unspecified Teigu in the past.[3] Although little is known of its abilities, it was shown to possess great destructive power, capable of changing the terrain of a valley with an single energy shot.[4]

Known Death Tagools

Kurome's Death Tagool

This particular skeletal-form Death Tagool, as was stated by Kurome, was found in hibernation in a place called Seiga.[5] Using her Teigu Yatsufusa, Kurome was able to resurrect the Danger Beast and control it as her puppet.[1] During Night Raid's ambush, Death Tagool was summoned by Kurome[6] and fought Susanoo and Najenda.[7] Susanoo, after using his trump card Magatama Manifestation, was able to destroy the Danger Beast.[8]


  • According to Takahiro's postscript for volume 7, Death Tagool's name comes from the final boss in Dragon Quest.

Black Book Info

A giant


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