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The Troop of Dorothea (軍 団 ド ロ シ ア, Gundan Doroshia) was a group of soldiers genetically altered and transformed into chimera ants by the Wild Hunt member Dorothea.


Created from prisoners of the Imperium and the dangerous humanoid beasts of Dr. Stylish, Dorothea made them as a countermeasure against Akame and her Teigu Murasame. In the middle of the battle between Wild Hunt and Night Raid, the troops arrived to attack Akame after she defeated Izou. As a first step, a member of the troop would attack so that the Teigu would be removed from the killer leaving her stuck in her body, after this, the soldiers surrounded her so she could not go by the sword. However, Akame did not go for Murasame and defeated a soldier with her hands free, removing his sword and using it to kill another member, as well as two more soldiers who attacked from above. When defeating the murderers present, the murderer told Dorothea that she felt the presence of other soldiers hidden underground and that she would also bury them.