Elder's Class

The Strange Elder's Class is a group of five children that were learning martial arts from the Strange Elder. Afterward, they went to war for Soukai. Akame joined the class to gather information on how to undo her curse, even becoming a combat tutor for the Elder's Class to increase their odds of survival after the class narrowly repel Yomihime from certain death.


Hinata and Tobari takes Akame on the class to meet up with the Elder. Before war itself, the Elder's Class are all participated except Akame due to her injury has not recovered yet. Akame pleads to the Elder to go to the battlefield to assist the class and she arrived just in time on Mt. Kageboshi when Hinata is about to be killed by Yomihime.

Akame dueled Yomihime and force her to retreat and the Elder's Class withdraws after the battle. Hinata and Hisama promoted into Captain and Kumehachi waste most of his money on the girls, much to the class' frustration. Following the information obtained by Yomihime and under Elder's recommendation, they hunt down Umibouzu, a squid-like Danger Beast and defeat it. Using Danger Beast raw material and sending it to the blacksmith on capital, the entire class are now equipped with Meihou and Akame can participate in the war together after the Elder will provide medicine herb that will ease down her curse for a short time.

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