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Episode 14
Kanji/Kana 巨大危険種を斬る
Rōmaji Kyodai Kikenshu o Kiru
Air Date October 5, 2014 (Japan)
November 21, 2015 (Toonami)
Chapter(s) 26, 27
Total Pages
Story Arc
Opening Skyreach
Ending Konna Sekai, Shiritakunakatta
Episode 13 Episode 15
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Kill the Colossal Danger Beast (巨大危険種を斬る, Kyodai Kikenshu o Kiru) is the fourteenth episode of the Akame ga Kill! anime.


Esdeath's shock at seeing Tatsumi turns to delight. The reunion is cut short when Syura appears. Syura is the hooded man overseeing the activities of the new Danger Beasts. Syura uses his Imperial Arm known as the Shambala that is capable of teleporting objects. Esdeath and Tatsumi are teleported to a remote island. A gigantic modified Danger Beast created from Dr. Stylish's experiments confronts them. The gigantic Danger Beast repels Esdeath's attacks. The Danger Beast is slain by Tatsumi. Tatsumi and Esdeath decide to tell each other their backstories at nighttime. Tatsumi fakes his backstory. Esdeath reveals that she hailed from a clan that hunted Danger Beasts. Her father tells her that the strongest will survive and the weak shall fall. When her clan was attacked by a rivaling tribe and all of its members were killed, she was told by her dying father that the clan was weak and that she needed to live strong. As a result, Esdeath enlisted in the Imperial army and ended up becoming a skilled general. Esdeath thinks about getting off the island. She tries to hunt a flying Danger Beast. Syura's teleportation field appears. Esdeath and Tatsumi jump in. Both of them return to the mountains. Tatsumi flees using his Incursio. Tatsumi realizes that Esdeath cannot be convinced. He suspects that the next time they meet they may be enemies.

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  • The series incorporates Dating Sim style of humor when Esdeath asks for Tatsumi's opinion on their current situation.