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Episode 19
Kanji/Kana 因縁を斬る
Rōmaji Innen o Kiru
Air Date November 9, 2014 (Japan)
January 16, 2016 (Toonami)
Chapter(s) 36, 37, 38, 40, 42
Total Pages
Story Arc
Opening Liar Mask
Ending Tsuki Akari
Episode 18 Episode 20
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Kill the Fate (因縁を斬る, Innen o Kiru) is the nineteenth episode of the Akame ga Kill! anime.


Within the palace in Kyoroch, Wave and Suzuka watch Seryu and Koro play with local children. Seryu is overjoyed to see several children "on the side of justice", but becomes serious when she feels the need to protect them from "evil".

At one of Night Raid's hideouts, Najenda debriefs the upcoming mission: to infiltrate the palace and assassinate Bolic. Susanoo brings in dinner for everybody in order to prepare them for the mission.

Seryu and Suzuka stand guard over the palace, but then Suzuka notices Tatsumi and Mine disguised as civilians, and they both follow the two Night Raid members to the outskirts of town. Tatsumi and Mine intended to draw out Seryu and Suzuka in order to create a distraction for the rest of Night Raid to infiltrate the palace. Tatsumi and Mine both become flustered when reminded of the "red string of fate" mentioned in the previous episode, and the two begin to argue. Unbeknownst to the two of them, they are spotted by Seryu, shocked and disappointed to learn that Tatsumi is part of Night Raid.

Seryu launches a large frontal attack of missiles and explosives against the two, who narrowly escape. Tatsumi confirms their attacker as Seryu, prompting Mine to want to fight her. Just then, they are attacked by Suzuka. Tatsumi faces off against Suzuka while Mine prepares to fight Seryu.

Seryu launches a giant rocket at Mine, only for the latter to effortlessly destroy it. Seryu then jumps closer to Mine to confront her directly, stating that evil cannot win against justice. Mine points out the irony of Seryu's morals, stating that although she claims to fight for justice, she is no different from any evil person. Seryu then has Koro enlarge his arms and attack Mine, but she is able to easily hold him back with Pumpkin. Just as she is about to destroy Koro's core, Seryu has him transform into his last resort red empowered form. She then fires an explosive weapon at Mine, forcing her to jump away, out of position. As Seryu advances towards Mine, the latter shoots the former on her way down. Seryu quickly moves into close-quarters, where Pumpkin's long range is ineffective, and begins a relentless assault of physical attacks, injuring Mine.

Meanwhile, Tatsumi is fighting off Suzuka, only to be easily outmaneuvered. Suzuka then comments on Tatsumi's inexperience in combat. Despite the difference in strength, Tatsumi vows to overcome it and win.

At the palace, chaos is ensuing as Night Raid infiltrates. Susanoo effortlessly knocks aside Natala and Doya, forcing Kurome to fight herself. As Leone is about to attack her, Wave intervenes, declaring that he is their opponent, and activates Grand Chariot. In the throne room, a fearful Bolic bows down and pleads Esdeath to protect him, and she replies by stepping on his face and tells him to remain in this room.

At some ruins near the outskirts of town, Tatsumi and Suzuka continue their fight. Knowing he cannot win by combat, Tatsumi decides to destroy the ruins they are in. The debris crushes and kills Suzuka, but Tatsumi manages to escape. Meanwhile, Mine, still battered by Seryu's attack, begins to remember when she was persecuted for being a foreigner. She then gathers up determination, saying she cannot die just yet. Seryu and Koro begin to attack Mine from both sides, but Mine slices them both in half with a powerful energy beam from Pumpkin. However, this attack exhausts Mine out of her strength. Seryu reveals she has a hidden bomb within her skull, declaring justice will always prevail. Mine attempts to escape, but due to her injuries, she cannot move far enough in time. The bomb detonates, and Mine is saved at the last second by Tatsumi.

Back at the palace, Esdeath walks back into the throne room, only to find that Bolic fled out of fear, and is confronted by Najenda. Bolic attempts to escape, but Akame, Leone, and Lubbock halt him. Akame kills Holimaca, while Lubbock hangs Bolic, completing their mission.

The next day, Mine shows some signs of affection towards Tatsumi. She then makes Tatsumi promise her what he promised Akame: to survive no matter what. The two then look on into the future, and Mine becomes more determined than ever to fight for the revolution.

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  • This episode is where the anime begins to diverge from the manga's storyline.
  • In the manga, Suzuka interrupts Seryu's game to inform her of suspicious characters in the distance. In the anime, Seryu keeps watch over the city along with Suzuka.
  • When spotting Tatsumi and Mine in the distance, Seryu uses a monocular in the manga, while in the anime, she uses binoculars.
  • In the manga, Suzuka flees to notify Esdeath, before being intercepted by Tatsumi. In the anime, she faces Tatsumi head on.
  • In the manga, Suzuka devises a plan to prolong the battle long enough for Incursio to place enough strain on Tatsumi, in hopes of getting the upper hand.
  • The moment when Seryu thinks of Esdeath before her death was eluded from the anime.
  • In the manga, Tatsumi simply recalls to Mine how he managed to defeat Suzuka, while the anime showcases it in real time, overlapping with her battle with Seryu.
  • In the anime, Night Raid's assassination attempt on Bolic takes place the same night Seryu faces off with Tatsumi and Mine. Much of the story was cut short and some parts were excluded.
  • In the manga, Kurome wasn't able to summon Doya and barely managed to control Natala, due to the nearly fatal injury that Chelsea inflicted on her a while back.
  • Holimaca has a much shorter appearance in the anime than in the manga. He was only briefly seen and his Teigu, Adayusu, was never properly introduced. Instead of clashing with Akame and Mine in the courtyard alongside his guards, Holimaca attempts to escort Bolic to a safer pace. In both versions, he dies from Murasame's poison, once Akame cuts his hand.
  • In the manga, Bolic never left Kurome's side to try and escape.
  • In the manga, Bolic got killed when Akame slashed his throat. In the anime, Lubbock tangled his strings around Bolic's throat and hanged him.