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Episode 21
Kanji/Kana 絶望を斬る
Rōmaji Zetsubō o Kiru
Air Date November 23, 2014 (Japan)
January 30, 2016 (Toonami)
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Story Arc
Opening Liar Mask
Ending Tsuki Akari
Episode 20 Episode 22
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Kill the Despair (絶望を斬る, Zetsubō o Kiru) is the twenty-first episode of the Akame ga Kill! anime.


Mine attempts to go rescue Tatsumi on her own, but is stopped by Akame, telling her that she cannot do it alone. She then reveals that she plans to go with Mine should she decide to go. Leone comes in, agreeing with Akame and decides to join the two. Najenda then arrives and assigns Night Raid an emergency mission: To rescue Tatsumi and prevent his execution.

Esdeath later meets Tatsumi in his cell. Having learned of his true allegiance, she still expresses her desire for him. However, he rejects her, stating that he does not want to be with someone who spreads destruction. Shocked, Esdeath resolves to perform the upcoming execution herself.

The remaining Jaegers learn of Esdeath's plans the next day. Wave asks what it means to kill the person you love, and Run replies that Esdeath is willing to kill Tatsumi out of love because if he is to die, she would want to be the one to do it. Kurome agrees, stating that it is similar to her situation with Akame, as she loves her sister, therefore, she wants to be the one to kill her.

Later on at the public execution, The Emperor denounces Tatsumi's involvement in Night Raid, and says he is not to disturb the peace within the kingdom. Esdeath walks up to Tatsumi, thinking that if he is truly the man she knew, he will find a way to escape. She then proceeds to kill him, but is interrupted by Mine, who shoots around the area to scatter the civilians, letting them flee the scene. Najenda, Leone, and Susanoo arrive, and detonate explosives around the arena to separate Esdeath and Tatsumi. General Budo steps in, and faces off against Leone and Mine while Najenda and Susanoo face Esdeath.

Meanwhile, Akame fights through a group of capital guards, and retrieves the confiscated Incursio. Susanoo fights Esdeath, but soon proves to be no match for her. Najenda activates Megatama Manifestation, and Susanoo receives a large increase in strength. Concurrently, Budo proves to be too strong for Leone to handle, and he easily overpowers her. He then relentlessly attacks Mine, whose Pumpkin seemed to have no effect, despite the situation she was in. When Budo launches a devastating attack on a weary Mine, she uses up the last of her strength and fires a blast so large and destructive, it kills Budo and completely incinerates his Teigu. Mine begins to collapse from exhaustion, but Akame frees Tatsumi, gives him back Incursio, which he uses to catch Mine as she fell down.

Esdeath then freezes time in order to gain an upper hand in her battle against Susanoo. When she destroys his body and his core, Najenda uses Magatama Manifestation again, reviving Susanoo and taking a serious toll on herself. However, even with his increased strength, Susanoo still cannot match Esdeath's power, and instead sacrifices himself to buy time so that the rest of Night Raid can escape alive. Once they depart, Esdeath says Najenda's subordinates are too passionate, but then acknowledges Susanoo as a warrior. The two clash and Esdeath ultimately defeats Susanoo.

Later on, Mine, dying from the battle against Budo, confesses her love for Tatsumi. The two kiss, and Mine dies in Tatsumi's arms, causing him to cry out in grief.

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