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Kill Your Cares
Kanji/Kana 蟠りを斬る
Rōmaji Wadakamari wo Kiru
Air Date July 20, 2014 (Japan)
August 22, 2015 (Toonami)
Chapter(s) 4
Total Pages
Story Arc
Opening Skyreach
Ending Konna Sekai, Shiritakunakatta
Episode 2 Episode 4
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Kill Your Cares (蟠りを斬る, Wadakamari wo Kiru) is the third episode of the Akame ga Kill! anime.


Some assassins were found lurking near Night Raid's base, provoking Najenda to give orders for their elimination. Tatsumi tagged along with Bulat, who gave him advice since he hadn't been in a combat fight before. Telling Tatsumi to either call him "Bro" or "Handsome, (which the latter of which seemed preferable), Bulat then revealed his Teigu transformation, Incursio.

Akame bumps into three assassins by the lake, who are quickly killed after a brief clash. Akame's teigu, Murasame, is revealed to contain a cursed poison that will kill any target in one hit, regardless of actual lethality.

File:Sheele Killing an Assassin.png

Sheele Killing an Assassin

One assassin attempts to flee the battle scene, but is caught by Mine and her Pumpkin teigu; Sheele, evidently nearby, takes out another opponent as he tries to sneak up on Mine. Leone hears the explosion some distance away and grins as she sits on top of her victim, freshly killed with her Teigu Lionelle.

Lubbock is first seen within a cave, after catching an assassin trapped in Cross Tail's strings. Although bothered that his target was female, he didn't hesitate to kill her on the spot, claiming that he once knew a guy who been killed after being seduced by a girl.

File:Akame ep 3 - Bulat eliminating intruders.gif

Bulat eliminating the intruders

Tatsume and Bulat swiftly finish off the remaining assassins, the former earning praise on his first mission.

Tatsumi awakes in the middle of the night, thinking about the assassins, revolution and Night Raid. He has a brief flashback of his friends Sayo and Ieyasu while dreaming of success in the Capital.

In the morning, Sheele informs Tatsumi that he has been assigned to work with her for the day.

Tatsumi and Mine were walking through the Capital and Tatsumi noticed the expressions on the citizens' faces were gloomy. When he asked about them, Mine explained the reason and then stopped when they passes an alley way. They found that two citizens were enslaving a refugee. Mine took this on seriously and asked them why they did this. Their response was that they were a higher rank because they were citizens of the Capital and the little girl was the refuge. Tatsumi scared them away when he sliced at their pants. The little girl thanked them but Mine said that she needed to become stronger. As they walked around again, Tatsumi asked why they were allowed to roam the Capital if they were Night Raid members. Mine answered by saying that the peoples' attention were on the wanted posters, which Tatsumi and Mine weren't on.  

Throughout the day, Mine and Tatsumi walked around Capital buying Mine clothes to wear, which Tatsumi had to hold. When they sat outside a shop to rest, Tatsumi was upset that today was used for shopping. Both Mine and Tatsumi knew that he wasn't strong enough to fight in an actually battle but Tatsumi still wanted to get stronger, saying 'I still have to keep moving forward' which got Mine blushing because his speech was nice. Then they heard and saw people running into an area and Tatsumi wondered what was happening. Mine said that it was public execution and Tatsumi didn't like it. 

Tatsumi wondered what the Emperor was like, which led the scene to change to the throne room. The Emperor was sentencing a man to death for his late actions. Then the Prime Minster walked in, eating food and the man took his chance to tell the Emperor that the Prime Minister was manipulating him. The Prime Minister denied the fact and the Emperor told the guards to send the man away to be killed. The Prime Minister then walked up to the man and said that he'd take good care of the wife, insinuating that he might use her body or kill her too. 

File:Akame ep 3 - Mine sniping the target.gif

Mine smiping the relative of the Prime Minister

Najenda ordered the members of Night Raid to kill the Prime Minister's relative who was using women for pleasure. She also wanted the five guards who were with the relative killed too since they took part of the relative's shares. Tatsumi and Mine were set up far from the palace but close enough for Mine to get a shot. Tatsumi then asked about Mine's teigu and she explained, also including that no one knows how the teigus were made. Mine started concentrating and that made Tatsumi impressed. When the relative of the Prime Minister came out of his palace, he was surrounded by women. Tatsumi thought it was impossible for Mine to shoot the man without hurting or killing one of the women but she was able to do it. She announced to Tatsumi that she was a 'master sniper'.

Four of the guards of the Prime Minister's relative were running through the forest when they met up with the other members of Night Raid. Mine was annoyed about the route that she and Tatsumi was taking as it was hard to transverse. Tatsumi then wondered if the enemies were all eliminated which Mine responded with the guards were trained in Imperial Fist, so they would be hard to beat. Tatsumi then thought about what happened in Mine's past and as if reading his mind, Mine told him her past, that she lived in the western parts and was half foreign. The people there used to torment her because of who she was and she disliked it. She then said that once a new ruler is made, people won't have to worry about where they were from and they wouldn't have to go through the horrors that Mine went through. At first Tatsumi was impressed with what she said but as she carried on, he found it foolish since she said she'd be rich after revolution happens.

File:Akame ep 3 - Mine finishing off the enemy.gif

Mine finishing off the immobilized assassin

The other members of Night Raid had finished off killing the guards but they thought it was weird since there were supposed to be five guards, not four. Lubbock was then annoyed since he didn't get to kill a guard. Leone joked and said that he'd get half of what he'd earned. Tatsumi and Mine made it to the meeting point. Whilst Mine was occupied with talking, she hadn't noticed that the last surviving guard, Shihandai , was behind her and Tatsumi immediately pushed her out of the way, taking the hit. Mine was angry at first but found that he saved her. She then started shooting but every shot was dodged. When Shihandai was close enough to hit her, Tatsumi jumped up behind him and slammed his sword down. The guard blocked the hit but was surprised when Tatsumi wrapped his arms around the waist of him, keeping him in place. Tatsumi then told Mine to take the hit, saying that she could do it without hurting him because she was a master sniper. Shihandai tried to get Tatsumi off him as the gun was loading but he was too late and the shoot blasted a big hole in his chest. Mine was about to acknowledge Tatsumi but when he flicked her in the forehead, she got angry and demanded why he did that. The reason was because she was so close to killing him shown as the top part of his hair was burned. They then got into a bawl, without noticing that the other members were watching them. Then a man was seen staring at Akame's wanted poster, saying that she was like him. 

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  • The scenes from the manga that were excluded in the previous episode were added as a part of this one instead.[1] This includes the scenes after Tatsumi was initiated into Night Raid, Lubbock noticing intruders, resulting in Tatsumi's first fight as a Night Raid member against the bandits that initially wanted to report back to the Capital the location of their hideout.[2]
  • In the anime, Tatsumi's first kill as a Night Raid member was executed without any remorse nor question.[1] In the manga, the man he was about to kill attempted to sympathize with him, noting their similar situation and the desperate need to support their own village. As Tatsumi began to hesitate, the man took this opportunity to kill him but was ultimately saved by Akame, who told him never to let his guard down.


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