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Episode 4
Kanji/Kana 帝具使いを斬る
Rōmaji Teigu tsukai o Kiru
Air Date July 27, 2014 (Japan)
August 29, 2015 (Toonami)
Chapter(s) 5, 6
Total Pages
Story Arc
Opening Skyreach
Ending Konna Sekai, Shiritakunakatta
Episode 3 Episode 5
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Kill the Imperial Arm Users (帝具使いを斬る, Teigu tsukai o Kiru) is the fourth episode of the Akame ga Kill! anime.


The first scene is where Zanku the Executioner begins to strangle a woman, who was begging for her life, willing to do anything to live. After giving a little chat, he beheads her straight away, delighted with the sight.

Tatsumi was practicing his swordsmanship but began to tire. Bulat, who was with him, helped him in his training. Akame then appeared, asking for him to cook with her. Tatsumi becomes a little embarrassed, moving away from Bulat, because he and Bulat were shirtless and he thought Akame would have misunderstood.

When cooking, Tatsumi asked what they were making and Akame answered with croquette bowls which shocked Tatsumi because they were eating it for breakfast. Afterward, only Leone, Tatsumi, and Akame were seen at the table. Tatsumi was full, Leone was satisfied with her meal, and Akame wanted to eat more. Since Mine and Sheele weren't present at the table, due to them waking up later than the others as usual, Akame ate both of their meals. She then told Tatsumi they were eating tuna bowls for lunch and at that moment, Sheele walked into the room wondering where her breakfast was as she saw no food in her bowl.

Najenda was elsewhere with an injured soldier of the revolution. He gave her a book of names 

File:Zank the Executioner.png

Zanku, the executioner of the Capital's largest prison

of people who had agreed to support the revolt. Najenda took it and thanked him, then the soldier died wishing for the revolution to be a success. When she got back to Night Raid's base, Najenda told the members of a new target: Zanku. She gave the team some information on the killer. Tatsumi, who had no knowledge of Zanku, asked who he was and Sheele said that she didn't know either, but Mine replied that she had probably forgotten. Mine then explained that Zanku the Beheader was previously an executioner of the Capital's largest prison who later came to enjoy decapitation. Who then, after obtaining an unknown relic, began to kill outside of the prison.

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