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The Imperial Fist Temple Four Rakshasa Demons (皇拳寺 羅刹四鬼, kōkenji rasetsu yonki), also known simply as Four Rakshasa Demons, were skilled warriors in the employ of the Prime Minister Honest.


Little is known of the Demons other than the fact that they were the Prime Minister's personal squad of executioners and that they were powerful enough to take on Teigu users, despite not possessing the aforementioned weapons. The Prime Minister ordered the Demons to protect Bolic, who was a subordinate of the Empire masquerading as a leader of the religious sect, "Path of Peace".

Suzuka is the only survivor, the others having been exterminated by Night Raid, something that Syura mocked them for. She was later severely injured by Esdeath after trying to rape Tatsumi, however she recovered, albeit with the lower half of her face bandaged.


Though the Demons did not fight with Teigu, they were said to be powerful enough to fight against an opponent wielding one. Apart from their martial arts mastery, they were able to manipulate their bodies in a myriad of ways that made them deadly, including extending their nails and hair to pierce enemies, twisting and bending their bodies to avoid attacks and stretching their limbs to fight enemies at range. The Demons claimed to have recovered five Teigu for the Empire using their skills in combat.


Deceased members

Former members


  • Rakshasa is a type of demonic being in Hindu mythology.