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Gilberda color.png
Kanji/Kana ギルベルダ
Rōmaji Giruberuda
Voiced by
Alias Gil
Gender Female
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Blonde
Blood Type
Status Deceased
Faction Oarburgh
Abilities Superhuman Strength
Media Debut
Manga Chapter 28 (zero)
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Gilberda (ギルベルダ, Giruberuda) was a member of Oarburgh clan.


Gilberda had green eyes and long blonde hair. She wore a maid's outfit.


She had an aggressive and belligerent personality. She was also a perverted individual. She liked more women than men.


Her parents sold her because they were scared of her superhuman abilities. After that she joined Oarburgh clan. As a member of Oarburgh, she swore Merraid absolute loyalty.

After Taeko and Babara death, Gilbeda (with other members of Oarburgh clan) arrived to eliminate Elite Seven. Before ambush on Elite Seven, Gilberda with Chelsea spy on Merraid and random girl. Merraid found out and she involved Gill, Chelsea and Cassandra into her orgy. Gilberda was happy about it.

On the beginning first battle with Elite Seven Gilberda and Cassandra were fighting with Poney and Tsukushi, girls from Empire fled.

After some time Merraid and Gilberda found Empire spies. While Merraid took girl, she ordered Gill to deal with the man. After finding out information about the place where Empire spies gather they came there and they killed spy who was there.

While Merraid was teaching Akame about the true world, they met up with Dora and Gil. Merraid involved Akame into the orgy, kissing her in front of both Gil and Dora. When Akame later distracted the Oarburgh's for Kurome to get the insect cure, Gilberda and the others tried seducing Akame, and it was strongly hinted that Akame was sexually assaulted.

File:Gil's last moments.png

Gil's last moments

During Elite Seven and Four Rakshasa Demons ambush on Oarburgh's hideout, Gilberda tried to protect hideout. She lost her caution, which she could pay with her life. But just before Sten final blow, Gil removed her limits. She was able to block Sten's attack and she could still fight with her opponents. Although Gil couldn't avoid Gozuki's attack with Murasame. Thanks for removing her limits, Gilberda still tried to defeat enemies. she destroyed Oarburgh's hideout. In her last moments, Gil thought about love which she received from Mera.

Power & Abilities

File:Gil Power.png

Gil's superhuman strength

She is specialized in close combat and has superhuman strength.