AGKOfficial Wiki
Rōmaji Gin
Voiced by
Gender Female
Eye Color Cyan (Manga)
Grey (Anime)
Hair Color Blonde (Manga)
Silver (Anime)
Blood Type
Status Deceased
Faction Group of Terror (Formerly)
Elite Seven
Media Debut
Manga Chapter 5 (Zero)
Anime Episode 22
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Gin was a member of the Empire's assassination group Group of Terror.


Gin was a young girl with silver hair worn in a long ponytail. She wore a sleeveless trench coat with a dark belt, black tights, boots and gloves.


Gin was quite aggressive and pushy towards her team-mates, especially Remus, calling them "dimwits". She seemed to be ambitious as she wanted to become a successful assassin to catch up to the Elite Seven and possibly get accepted into it. She was also quite prideful as she claimed that she was trembling with excitement when in truth, she was afraid.


Gin was among the children picked for training as the Empire's assassins. Since she lacked the necessary skills naturally, she had to be given performance-enhancing drugs. Along with the rest of her group, she learned to kill using death row prisoners as targets, executing them.

During their first field mission Gin was one of the survivors along with Natala and Kurome. They lost Womyn. Remus was heavily wounded and got euthanized by the group's leader. However, the three survivors were still punished since their group was the only one to have casualties; they were locked up in a basement with no drugs to support them.

File:Gin's body.png

Gin's body

She was later sent on a mission to kill the Gravekeepers with Natala and Kurome but got trapped with the two of them. In prison, Jamo molested Gin.

After Elite Seven helped them, Gin killed Jamo in revenge. Before death Jamo told her that the Empire was the one who attacked the tomb of the first emperor in Putra to steal the treasure. They were only trying to protect themselves but she didn't believe him. Gin was later assigned, with Kurome and Natala, to Elite Seven for the same time. While they were resting, Gin offered to Natala to have her first time with him, but he fainted. After some time Oarburgh clan attacked Elite Seven hideout. Merraid fought with Gin. Mera won and killed Gin by exploding her from inside using her danger beasts.

Equipment and Skills

Gin carried an unusually large sword and was quite skilled with it. Under the influence of the drugs, she was faster and stronger than regular humans.


  • Gin's name means "silver" in Japanese. It may be a reference to her hair color.