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Akame in front of tomb of the first emperor in Putra.

The Gravekeepers were a group of guardians who watched over the tomb of the first emperor in Putra. They are characterized by their secret art, which transforms parts of their bodies to use the abilities of animals and plants. Mudai is the only known survivor of the Gravekeepers that went on a mission when the raid transpired.


 Member 2
 Member 5
Member 5

Former Members


  • Arathi † (Killed by Group of Terror's Kurome)
  • Jamo † (Killed by Group of Terror's Gin)
  • Kimatsu † (Killed by Elite Seven's Najasho)
  • Ragu † (Killed by Elite Seven's Gai)
  • Umber † (Killed by Elite Seven's Poney)
  • Weneg † (Leader; Killed by Elite Seven's Akame)
  • Unknown members † (Killed by Elite Seven, Group of Terror and Esdeath)