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Hinata is the daughter of Hinowa who took her mother's name after she died. She uses a single sword style, same as Akame and often trained with her partner, Tobari. She took care of Akame when she washed ashore and received swordsmanship training from her as a token of gratitude.


Hinata has short, chin length light red hair and blue eyes. She also wore a light blue headband.


Hinata is a brave and determined girl who wishes to put an end to all wars and make the world a peaceful place. She is also caring, compassionate and fairly intelligent, and she is able to remain composed in combat.


Before the story starts, Hinata was a member of the Fisherman Collective on Soukai even her mother is also a renowned fisherman outside the war times. When her mother is killed in action in Ryuumon Castle, she took her name and the collective start harassing her and even giving her a low paycheck, prompting her to quit the collective to earn money by her own.

When Akame arrives, she personally takes her in and Akame taught her swordsmanship after losing duel against Tobari in a sparring. Over three days of tutelage by Akame, Hinata manages to defeat Tobari in a sparring. Hinata then recommends that Akame to participate Elder's Class to learn more about her origin while also enable her to tutor more from Akame while waiting for the Elder to return.

Days later, Hinata manages to catch double-fold clams to make a feast for Akame but the Fisherman Collective refuse to give her a big paycheck due to her no longer part of collective. She was stopped by her class when about to pick a fight with fisherman collective. On the class, Akame explains the reason she came and Hinowa sympathizes with Akame in regards to the things she's gone through.

When Soukai posted that they recruit new soldiers, Hinata and her class decide to sign up under the recommendation of the Elder. The Fisherman Collective attacks her to test her but Hinata manages to defeat them single-handedly, much to the collective's surprise. She and her class are later deployed to the battlefield under Maruge Army's command.

On Mt. Kageboshi, Hinata manages to save Fumio, Hinowa's former subordinate while she and Suzumaru are quickly breaking through the Tenrou assault on Maruge's main camp to defend it. Hisame however is already on the scene and will protect it by himself so Hinata and the rest of the class went to sweep any attackers surrounding Mt. Kageboshi.

She then encounters Yomihime who decide to takes part on the battlefield by herself. Willing to take revenge on her mother, she begins battling Yomihime but despite the assistance provided from fellow classmates, Yomihime is proven no match for her and Akame manage to arrive in time to save her from death.

Witnessing the duel, she realizes her capacity was not able to defeat Yomihime. After Akame successfully repel Yomihime, she and Tobari lamenting how weak they are. This made her decide that she will become stronger on the next battle and she made a personal request to be trained personally by Akame after the war.

Following the end of the battle at Mt. Kageboshi, Hinata was promoted to the Captain and inheriting her mother's position that was also once a Captain. Most of her mother's former subordinate come to her and offer themselves to join her unit.

Skills and Equipment


Hinata is proficient in Swordsmanship. Her sword style is similar to Akame's and is further reinforced through Akame's swordsmanship lesson. Even though she's skilled in swordsman like Hinowa, Yomihime state that it is not enough to defeat her prompting Hinata to train under Akame to reinforce her swordsmanship even further after Akame force Yomihime to retreat.


A trait shares by Hinata and Hinowa, it is stated by the Elder's Class after the battle of Mt. Kageboshi that Hinata possesses a natural leadership, same as her mother, Hinowa. Several Soukai's soldiers are willing to serve under her command for the next battle.


Soukai Nation


Hinata rescues Akame and tends to her wounds when she has washed ashore. She even let Akame stay in her home and in exchange, Akame trained Hinata in swordsmanship due to their similar sword style (1 Sword Style). Later, Hinata takes Akame to Elder and she learned that Akame has come to his land to search for a way to undo the curse that was put into her body and also finding the best possible way to undo someone that was turned into a tyrant.


Hinata's best friend and also sparring partner. She often trains with Tobari when both got free times.

Tenrou Nation


Hinata's current nemesis that killed her mother, Hinowa and a Commander of Tenrou Nation. She manages to duel her in short time only to be proven outpowered and currently she set her eyes to Yomihime to avenge her mother's death.