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Kaiser Frog
Kaiser Frog.png
Kanji/Kana カイザーフロッグ
Rōmaji Kaizā Furoggu
Full name
Voiced by
Native to
Abilities Dissolving Acid
Enhanced Tongue
Media Debut
Manga Chapter 29
Anime Episode 16

A Kaiser Frog is a giant, frog Danger Beast species.


Kaiser Frog has the appearance of a giant, frog creature. He's green with red spots and yellow eyes. He was the strongest of all frogs in the world and was known to have incredibly strong stomach acid that can dissolve anything they swallow. It also has a long tongue which can be used to grab prey.

Known Kaiser Frogs

Kurome's Kaiser Frog

This particular Kaiser Frog was one of Kurome's newest puppets revealed during her and Bols' battle against Night Raid. It swallowed Mine whole; however, she managed to survive due to the frog's stomach acid leaking out through a hole which Kurome herself inflicted on it while killing it. In order to get out, Mine blasted a hole in the frog's back with Pumpkin's shot, destroying the beast.

Black Book Info

This dangerous beast in the form of a frog dissolves everything with his stomach acid. He swallows Mine, but he was leaking acid from a hole in his stomach so she managed to slay him from within before he could digest her.


  • Kaiser is the German word for "emperor".


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