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Lubbock main.png
Kanji/Kana ラバック
Rōmaji Rabakku
Voiced by Yoshitsugu Matsuoka (Japanese)
Tyler Galindo (English)
Age Teens
Gender Male
Height 165 cm (5'5")
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Green
Blood Type AB
Status Deceased
Faction Night Raid
Imperial Military (Defected)
Teigu Cross Tail
Shambhala (Briefly)
Media Debut
Manga Chapter 1
Chapter 53 (Zero)
Anime Episode 1
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Lubbock was a member of the assassin group Night Raid. In The Empire's Capital, his cover was as an owner of a bookstore.


Lubbock was a young man with shoulder-length green hair that covers his left eye, green eyes and red goggles on top of his head. He wore a long green jacket with a fur-trimmed hood over a white and red ringer shirt and blue jeans with brown shoes. He was occasionally seen wearing a long black coat. When in battle, he wore his Teigu (Cross Tail) on his hands.


Lubbock was an easy going person who tended to be a pervert from time to time, including trying to peep on Leone while she was bathing. Despite this, he was careful not to let this get in the way of battle when fighting females. His playful and optimistic nature showed even during fights, and he would often tease his enemies and brag about his abilities. However, he was not too arrogant and was always ready to flee if he had too much of a disadvantage in battle.

He was incredibly loyal to Night Raid as he refused to betray them even after being tortured by Syura, claiming that his love for Najenda helped him withstand any pain.


Lubbock was the 4th son born into a wealthy merchant family in a region of the Empire. During his childhood, he met Najenda, who had just moved into the region for the time. Falling in love at first sight, he left the life he had to get closer to Najenda and joined the army. Using his talent, Lubbock rose through the ranks to the point where he could serve and be by her side. He would also join her in her defection to the rebellion, even going as far as to risk his life to change the military records of both him and her to K.I.A.

Lubbock appeared during the mission to assassinate Aria and her parents, creating a net out of his Teigu's threads for his group to stand on. Later, he was introduced to the newly recruited Tatsumi while trying to peep on Leone. In Night Raid's hideout, his main function was to keep watch of the perimeter which he did using his threads. He defended the base during the bandits' attack and Dr. Stylish's invasion. During Night Raid's battle against the Jaegers, Lubbock was assigned as the lookout who would keep Esdeath from reaching the battlefield, though he ended up not being involved in combat. After the battle, he reattached Leone's arm which was cut off by Kurome.

During the mission to assassinate Bolic Lubbock was attacked by Mez and Sten while patrolling. At first, he tried to mostly avoid the fight by playing dead, but was forced to continue when Sten threatened Pais, girl from the Revolutionary Army. He managed to kill both Rakshasa Demons by using tricks as well as his Trump Card. Later, when he along with Mine and Akame rode an Air Manta to attack the cathedral Bolic stayed in, they were shot down by Run, and Lubbock used his thread to cushion the group's fall. On the ground, they were attacked by Wave, and Lubbock managed to let Akame and Mine escape when he tied Wave to the tree with his best thread, however, he himself was left injured, only to be helped later by Pais and her boyfriend, Ritone.

File:Lubbock kills Syura.jpg

Lubbock kills Syura.

During Night Raid's investigation of Wild Hunt, he was captured along with Tatsumi in the Imperial Capital in a clever plot engineered by Syura, the Prime Minister's son. While Tatsumi's prisoner treatment was being handled by Esdeath, Syura look over Lubbock's interrogation, leading to inhumane torture in order to obtain information on the whereabouts of Night Raid's headquarters. When asked about the progress of the torture, Syura commented that Lubbock's eyes were beginning to lose hope, just like with "all the other prisoners" (presumably ones that he'd dealt with in the past). Indeed, when finally left alone for the first night following his first day as prisoner, Lubbock was shown biting his arm to the point of bleeding, with his eyes showing intense distress and his body shaking from head to toe from the trauma. This was later revealed to be an act as Lubbock manages to trick Syura into releasing him from his shackles. He then proceeded to break Syura's neck using a string hidden in his mouth, killing him.

File:Lubbock thinks of Najenda.jpg

Lubbock thinks of Najenda as he dies.

Lubbock tried to use Shambhala to escape, but it only teleported him to the courtyard, where Izou was. Thinking Izou wouldn't cut Shambhala, he tried to block Izou's attacks with it. However, Izou said that he was devoted to Kousetsu, and Teigu were of no interest to him, and cut Lubbock in half. In his last moments, Lubbock saw Najenda in a vision and asked her if he had done well before dying. Izou praised his will to live, but made it clear that, as Budo was already about to attack him and Lubbock literally had no chance of escape at all. Esdeath told Tatsumi that Lubbock had been killed in hopes it would make Tatsumi willing to serve her, but it merely enraged him.

Equipment and Skills


Lubbock used a wire Teigu named "Infinite Uses: Cross Tail", which is very powerful and has many uses, including offensive and defensive techniques. He was very resourceful and a great tactician who tended to plan several moves ahead of his enemies and would adapt well to a given situation even as it changes, such as when he alone killed two of the Four Rakshasa Demons, a group noted for killing Teigu users themselves. He was shown to be good at tricking enemies and distracting them; he claims his ultimate technique was his ability to play dead, which he has used multiple times to ambush or escape enemies.

Other Abilities

Despite mostly relying on tricks in order to defeat enemies with physical advantage in size and strength, Lubbock was also proficient at hand to hand combat, able to dismantle an Empire guard. Lubbock was extremely skilled in faking death as well.


  • In the omake segments, Akame ga Kill! Theater, Lubbock often acts as a TV host, advertising his teammates' Teigu.
  • Lubbock claimed that he got many ideas on how to use his threads from the manga sold in a bookstore he owned.


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