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Merraid Oarburgh
Kanji/Kana メラルド・オールベルグ
Rōmaji Merarudo Ōruberugu
Voiced by
Alias Madam Mera [1]
Gender Female
Eye Color Purple
Hair Color Black
Blood Type
Status Deceased
Faction Oarburgh Clan
Abilities Danger Beast Control
Media Debut
Manga Chapter 28 (Zero)
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Merraid Oarburgh (メラルド・オールベルグ, Merarudo Ōruberugu), also known as "Madam Mera" [1], was the leader of the Oarburgh clan.


Merraid was a young woman with long black hair. Under her left eye, she had a birthmark. Her fingernails were long and also lacquered in purple. In addition, she wore a purple free-flowing dress with a black and white plaid belt. She also didn't wear underwear.


She was a homosexual who was very gentle towards girls and severe towards men however she did trust her butler Daniel due to his mild-manners.


File:Kid Mera.png

Merraid as a kid.

When Merraid was a child she was fighting in the arena for money. On the same arena, Esdeath was fighting. Mera even as a child was strong but Esdeath was stronger. Merraid was impressed by Esdeath and started having feelings for her. Mera tried to kiss Esdeath but Esdeath rejected her, trying to kill her. Mera escaped by using a poison smoke bomb.

Before Babara, Taeko and Chelsea went out on a mission she tried to convince Taeko to be homosexual, but Babara always stopped her.

After Taeko and Babara’s death, Merraid (along with other members of Oarburgh clan) arrived to eliminate Elite Seven. Before the ambush on Elite Seven, Gilberda with Chelsea spy on Merraid and a random girl from the Village. Merraid found out and she involved Gil, Chelsea, and Cassandra into her orgy.

Merraid with Daniel kidnapped Akame, Kurome, and Natala. After that, the Oarburgh clan attacked Elite Seven hideout. In the beginning, Merraid fought with Gin. Mera won and killed Gin by exploding her from inside using her danger beasts. After that, she met Gozuki. He was the stronger opponent for Merraid, but she won again. Gozuki fled from battle.

After the battle, Merraid came to Akame and Kurome. She tried to learn about them a little. She noticed that Kurome would never betray Empire, but Akame could be one of Revolutionary Army. Chelsea told Merraid that she must go on the other mission. Merraid asks her to change into Natala, so Akame didn't realize what happened to him. Then Chelsea left.

File:Merraid's grave.png

Merraid's grave made by Akame.

One day Merraid and Gilberda found Empire spies. While Merraid took the girl, she ordered Gil to deal with the man. After finding out information about the place where Empire spies gather, they came there and they killed a spy who was there.

Mera tried to convince Akame by showing her what people think about Emperor and Honest. They traveled around. Later, Merraid told her about Kusuri and why Kurome would never be a member of Oarburgh clan. Then Mera kissed Akame, stealing Akame's first kiss. Later Merraid and Akame were continuing their travel. They saw Syura who was beating up other people. When Merraid and Akame met with Dora and Gil, Merraid involved Akame into the orgy, kissing her in front of both Gil and Dora. When Akame later distracted the Oarburgh's for Kurome to get the insect cure, Merraid and the others tried seducing Akame, and it was strongly hinted that Akame was sexually assaulted.

When Mera started trusting Akame, Akame came to Merraid's bedroom, and Akame kissed Merriad, and the two rolled onto the bed, seeming to enjoy the pleasure. While kissing, Akame tried to bite Mera's tongue, but Merraid was able to dodge it. Merraid attacked Akame with Wrigglers and used it to escape. At the same time, Elite Seven and Four Rakshasa Demons started to ambush the Oarburgh's hideout. When Merraid was escaping, she left some of her insects to Dora. However, Akame was able to catch up Merraid. Thanks to spending so much time with Mera, Akame defeated Merraid and killed her, although Mera used her butterfly form. Before she died, Merraid confessed that she loved Akame.

Power & Abilities

File:Merraid Oarburgh’s Metamorphosis form.jpeg

Merraid in butterfly form

She commanded a large mass of small black insectoid danger beasts called "Wrigglers" that reside in her shadow. It is a technique only passed down through the leaders of the Oarburghs. She controlled them to do her bidding for both assassinations and transportation.

She keeps "Wrigglers" eggs under her fingernails so that when she strikes her enemy, she can deposit then. Making the newborn insects consume the opponent from the inside out and come bursting free in a rush, killing the opponent. She can also control when the eggs will hatch.

She also carry`s an umbrella that can be used as a weapon or to hypnotize her opponents (to make then weaker) by spinning it in front of them.

File:Merraid Oarburgh using hypnosis through her umbrella.png

Merraid Oarburgh using hypnosis through her umbrella.

She also has the ability to undergo a metamorphosis like transformation by commanding larvae like Wrigglers to create a cocoon around herself, which after a few moments transforms her into a human/butterfly wriggler hybrid. In this form, she can fly, shoot silk threads from her fingers, produce poisonous powder from her wings and morph her forearms into a scythe-like blade.


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