Modified Hazardous Beast
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The Modified Dangerous Beast is a Danger Beast shown in the Akame ga Kill! anime.


It is a giant Dangerous Beast and similar to a human being (similar to Stylish's creations). The Danger Beast has a green armor that covers his entire body, with a helmet with screws that has six bright red dots. It has chains attached to its body that hold it and also has a cable on its back that is what holds the helmet.

When Kurome cut off this cable, the helmet fell silent and revealed the face of the Beast. This is elongated and pink, with several protruding veins, a nose similar to that of a skull and red eyes with black sclera.


It was sleeping in the church where Akame and Kurome decided to fight, being awakened by the noise the sisters made in their struggle. He tried to crush Kurome but was saved by Natala, who perished in his place. Angry because the Beast killed his friend, he tried to kill her with Doya, but the Beast's armor was too thick for the bullets to go through, and he ended up killing the holster too.

Kurome then tried to pierce his armor with his Yatsufusa, but it was also useless. When the monster went to kill Kurome, his sister saves her at the last moment and both decide to cooperate to finish off their enemy. The creature's chains proved to be a problem for his mobility, allowing Kurome to climb his body and cut the cable from the Beast's hull, exposing his face. Akame then propelled herself into the air and with her Murasame cut off the creature's face, ending her life.

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