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Kanji/Kana Kanji/Kana
Rōmaji Mudi
Voiced by
Alias Shrimp Master
Gender Male
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Purplish Blue
Blood Type
Status Deceased
Faction Gravekeepers (Formerly)
Retribution Group
Media Debut
Manga Chapter 45 (Zero)
Image Gallery

Mudi was the final member of Gravekeepers. After most of the group's elimination, he assisted in the creation of a new group.


Mudi was a tall man, with purplish blue, long hair tied into a tail. He wore tunic from white cloth. Mudi like other gravekeepers collected skulls. He had five of them.


Mudi was a vengeful person as after his comrades died he was able to gather people to eliminate the ones responsible for his friends' death. Mudi was as well very impatient, as he orders his group to massacre Imperial spies so he could encounter people, he wanted to kill, faster.


Before the creation of the retribution group, Mudi was one of the guardians of the tomb of the first emperor in Putra. While he was on the other mission all of the guardians were killed by Elite Seven. He decided to avenge his friends. Mudi took Najasho, which he found in a ruined tomb, as his bodyguard and he had gone to find other people that will want to eliminate his friends' killers.

After gathering other people, with the same goal, Mudi traveled on mount Hakuba. He found there Suzaku and asked him if his group can stay with Suzaku's unit. Mudi predicted that Suzaku's unit will be chosen as next target for Elite Seven and he saw his chance to finally encounter them. He later ordered Mashiro, Meela and Loris to kill Empire's spies to lure Elite Seven into Hakuba.

After Empire learned about the massacre of their spies, they sent Elite Seven to eliminate them. Mudi used Najasho to lure some of the members out of the city and they started to fight. During the battle, Mudi was protected to the end by Najasho. During the fight, they lost Meela. When other members of Elite Seven came, Mudi's group decided to flee from the battlefield.