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Kanji/Kana Kanji/Kana ナジャショ
Rōmaji Najasho
Voiced by
Alias Chief
Gender Male
Height 162 cm (5'4")
Eye Color Golden
Hair Color Blond
Blood Type B
Family Gozuki (Adoptive Father)
Status Unknown
Faction The Empire
Elite Seven (Formerly)
Retribution Group (Brainwashed)
Shingu Water-Dragon Sword
Media Debut
Manga Chapter 1 (Zero)
Anime Episode 22
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Najasho is a member of the Empire's Assassination group appearing in the prequel series Akame ga Kill! Zero. He is the leader of the Elite Seven and is called "Chief" by the members.


Najasho is a short young man with spiky blond hair and golden eyes. He usually wears an outfit resembling a military uniform consisting of a long trench coat with golden epaulets and a suit underneath; on some occasions, he was also seen without the coat.

Upon activating his Shingu, his hair grows down his back and he gains snake-like pupils.


As the group's leader, Najasho has a tendency to call his subordinates "shrimp", which he actually means in an affectionate way. He is also quite strict with them when it comes to completing their tasks. However, he himself apparently has a lazy streak as seen when he preferred reading a book while giving orders when the group was collecting resources to sell; according to him, that's what being a leader is about. He is generally calm, composed and confident in his abilities. While he usually acts rather uncaring towards his subordinates, he does care about their well-being. This is shown when he saved Poney from the gravekeepers.


Najasho is one of the many children that was sold to The Empire and had to endure hard trial where he and other children were sent into a forest full of Danger Beasts and challenged to survive. Najasho came out on top with the first kill rank and became one of the seven children that were taken in by Gozuki to be trained under him.

After years of training under Gozuki, Najasho was given his first task as an assassin, killing a group of skilled mercenaries with ease. Following the success of the first mission, he was sent on various missions, succeeding everything time eventually resulting in him and his team's existence being noticed by the Revolutionary Army. To counter Najasho and his team, the Revolutionary Army sent a team of equally skilled assassins among those are Babara Oarburgh, Taeko and Chelsea.

Having his face seen by Chelsea in one of the missions, he was ordered to go on standby by Gozuki and was ambushed by Babara in the forest along with Green and Gai. Easily overpowered by the aged veteran despite their numerical advantage, Najasho was saved by the timely arrival of his mentor, Gozuki, who took over the fight for them, eventually killing her.

He then joins the mission to the Gravekeepers' tomb along with the other members of the Elite Seven. During this mission, he saves Poney from being beaten to death by Kimatsu and subsequently bifurcates the gravekeeper with ease. He then proceeds to carry Poney on his back while escaping the collapsing tomb, slaying the gravekeepers who are in their way. When they have to cross a ravine, Najasho attempts to jump across it while still carrying Poney. However, he realizes they aren't going to make it to the other side and tosses Poney to safety before falling into the chasm to his apparent death. After he went missing, Akame was promoted by Gozuki and became the new leader of the Elite Seven.

He is later revealed to have survived his fall. However, he is traveling with a survivor of Gravekeepers.

Equipment and Skills

Najasho wielded the Shingu Water-Dragon Sword, which enhanced his strength for three minutes but left him extremely fatigued afterward. When in his enhanced state, he was capable of slaying multiple strong opponents like the gravekeepers with ease. He was an extremely skilled swordsman, capable of killing his opponents without using his Shingu's ability. He single-handedly slew a group of skilled mercenaries with minimal effort. He even impressed Babara Oarburgh, a famous assassin, with his combat skills. He also possed very sharp senses, even the other members of the Elite Seven weren't able to sneak up on him. Like the other members of the Elite Seven, he is immune to most poisons.


  • Najasho uses a special shampoo which he himself created.