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Najenda main.png
Kanji/Kana ナジェンダ
Rōmaji Najenda
Voiced by Risa Mizuno (Japanese)
Shelley Calene-Black (English)
Age Mid 20s
Gender Female
Height 172 cm (5'8")
Eye Color Light Purple
Hair Color Silver
Blood Type A
Family Unnamed Adopted Children
Status Alive
Faction Night Raid
Imperial Military (Defected)
Teigu Pumpkin (Formerly)
Susanoo (Destroyed)
Media Debut
Manga Chapter 2
Anime Episode 2
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Najenda is the head of the assassin group Night Raid. She was General of The Empire that defected, along with Lubbock, to the Revolutionary Army sometime after the end of expedition led by her and Esdeath to eliminate the opposition of the Ban Tribe.


Najenda is a woman with short silver hair and purple eyes. She wears an eyepatch where her right eye used to be. She wears a black suit that shows her cleavage. She has a mechanical right arm.

When she was younger, her hair was longer and she wore it tied and braided.


Najenda is taciturn, sharp-minded and level-headed, she leads the group with a surprisingly gentle, but firm air. Her years of experience serving in the Empire as a general have made her a highly capable leader. Najenda is sometimes mistaken as a man due to her boyish appearance, even sometimes being nicknamed 'The Hunk of the Rebellion" by her cohorts. She tends to have a habit of telling "cold jokes" and making bad puns.



A younger Najenda

Najenda was once a General of the Empire who decided to defect after realizing how corrupt the current regime was. She was a colleague of Esdeath, accompanying her on a past expedition for the Empire. During a mission to eliminate a Revolutionary army base, Najenda informed her army of her plan to defect from the Empire that they agreed with her. Because of that she and her troops became a target of Imperial troops and eventually Esdeath's army. She lost both her right eye and arm in the short ensuing battle against Esdeath. Apparently, she was able to convince Akame to switch sides after failing to kill her in a fateful encounter. Najenda passes down her Pumpkin to Mine due to her being unable to utilize it any longer.

File:Lost eye.png

Najenda losing her eye

Due to her injury, Najenda usually stays at the base, giving orders to her subordinates. When Tatsumi first arrived, Najenda explained his options to him and as well as who he would be paired up with each time for training. She assigns roles and pairs each member of Night Raid together to help Tatsumi adapt as an assassin.

After losing several members such as Bulat and Sheele, as well as the increasing threat from the Empire, mainly through the formation of its new faction, the Jaegers, Najenda temporarily leaves the Night Raid base and heads back to the Revolutionary Army's main army to hand in the Teigu they have taken hold on and searching of new members to replenish her team. During the attack on Night Raid's hideout by Team Stylish, Najenda arrives just in time to aid her comrades, bringing with her two new members. Chelsea, and the humanoid Teigu, Susanoo.

During their time leaving the hideout, Najenda and Night Raid train themselves while also introducing Chelsea and Susanoo to the members of Night Raid. They train for around a month until Revolutionary recall her and Night Raid to return to the capital with the others to subjugate new types of Danger Beast. After suppressing all of the Danger Beast, she was later receive new orders from the Command to make Path of Peace allies with Revolutionary Army due to their strong influence at the east and utilizing their uprising for Revolutionaries advantage.

Najenda briefed and explain for three-pronged attack's plan made by Revolutionary Army. During her dispatch outside Night Raid's base, she went to several castles and forts, convincing some Crown Princes of the Empire to defect to smoothen the Revolutionaries advance on the south.

Najenda later explains the plan for assassinating Borick at the Path of Peace which turns out Borick is a spy from the Empire that was assigned to prevent an uprising from inside out. By removing Borick, she can also convince The Lord to start an uprising at East and allies with Revolutionaries. She personally takes command of this operation, utilizing this mission to lure out Jaegers and forming a plan to ambush them. Before reaching the destination target, she split Night Raid into two teams by traveling east and south to weaken Jaegers. The strategy was successful and Najenda uses the trump card, Magatama Manifestation, for the first time to defeat Desta Ghoul.

After the assault, Najenda and the others withdraw to safety while Lubbock arrives. Concerned over Chelsea's decision to pursue Kurome alone, she orders Tatsumi and Akame to reinforce Chelsea. However, her decision was too late and Chelsea has already been killed by Kurome and displayed at the town of Romari.

She and the group arrive at Kyoroch, the headquarters of Path of Peace and observing Borick's mansion from distances. She made a contact with Revolutionary Spy Team to formulate a plan to assassinate Borick. However the plan was delayed due to Jaegers are on high-alert, engagement of Four Rakshasha Demons and many Revolutionary Spies are killed, forcing themselves to enter a stalemate for up to two weeks. During a discussion with Tatsumi, Najenda states that the required amount of soldiers necessary to defeat Esdeath is fifty-thousand Elite soldiers and ten Teigu users, including Akame.

When Najenda is alone with Tatsumi, she tells him about the past, at first she teases him for being lovey-dovey by telling how many men she reject when she was a General. During her mission to subjugate bandits, she announce her defection to Revolutionaries and the Empire dispatch troops but was made a quick work by Najenda. Her biggest miscalculation at that time was Esdeath's Army was also dispatched to intercept her. She herself lost her right eye and right arm in the process but saved in the nick of time because of Revolutionary Main Army that arrives in time to extract her, forcing Esdeath to retreat due to exhaustion but most of her troops are killed. From that day, she vows to purge this trauma by defeating her and The Empire.

The night before the assault, Night Raid made a feast and Najenda once again briefed the mission. She herself will command the distraction unit along with Susanoo, Tatsumi, and Leone while the rest attack from the air with an Air Manta that was requested beforehand.

After the war, Najenda continued to help protect the new kingdom, helping to weed out the remaining members of the former kingdom and to prevent further rebellions. Najenda lived the rest of her life single but did adopt a child. She recovered Lubbock's goggles and held them as a memento to her fallen comrade.

Equipment and Skills

File:Lost arm.png

Najenda's right arm frozen and shattered by Esdeath

Physical Abilities

She herself has commented that due to the injuries that Esdeath inflicted on her, she is only at 40% her original strength. This may have also rendered her unsuitable to handle her old Teigu, Pumpkin, which is now wielded by Mine. She is still, however, a capable fighter, being able to use her prosthetic hand to generate momentum for her kicks and punches that can rip a head off in one blow. She once demonstrated on Leone her ability to fire her prosthetic hand and reel it back in.

  • Reel Assault (リールアサルト Rīruasaruto): She fires her prosthetic hand, reels herself to the arm, and quickly delivers a kick.[1]

The prosthetic hand on her right arm has a reel attachment. She can fire her hand towards an enemy and "reel" him in. This is how she captures Leone.


Najenda is calm and collective, being able to adjust herself to differing situations and giving out orders by adapting to the current situation. She is also able to rally Revolutionary Troops that were attacking the capital, enabling them to hold the line before Night Raid defeated Esdeath and the Emperor. Esdeath state that Najenda always lead her troops and fight with calm and burning heart, knowing her capabilities as a former fellow General of the Empire.


Before Najenda defected from Empire, she wielded the Teigu, Pumpkin and after her defection, she became Master to the human Teigu, Susanoo, up until his demise. Until her arrival at HQ, Susanoo was in a state of dormancy and began to react to her presence. Susanoo told the members of Night Raid that it was because Najenda resembled his previous master, who was a great general.


  • Najenda's measurements are 85-58-86.
  • In episode 18 of Akame ga Kill! Theater, Najenda is shown to have a fear of roaches.


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