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Kanji/Kana ナタラ
Rōmaji Natara
Voiced by
Gender Male
Height 5,11
Weight 185 lbs
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blond
Blood Type
Status Deceased
Faction Group of Terror (Formerly)
Elite Seven (Post Gravekeeper)
Jaegers (As a Yatsufusa puppet)
Shingu Trisula
Media Debut
Manga Chapter 30
Chapter 5 (Zero)
Anime Episode 16
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Natala was a member of the Empire's assassination group Group of Terror appearing in the prequel series Akame ga Kill! Zero until his death. He was serving as one of Kurome's main corpse puppets until Yatsufusa's destruction.


Natala was a young man with short blond hair and blue eyes. While he was alive, he wore a zipped-up jacket with a belt with several pouches attached to it, as well as regular pants and shoes. He carried his spear-like weapon with him.

As a corpse puppet, he wears a mask that covers the lower half of his face and a long trench coat with a green and blue scarf. He also wore pants with knee-height boots.


Though not much of it was shown, Natala seemed to be a cheerful, yet level-headed person who was friendly towards his teammates and would both support and playfully tease them. He was shown to care about them as he was saddened by Womyn's death and showed concern for Gin and Kurome's health. As the only man in the group, he felt the need to show an example to others, and was confident when it came to fighting.

As a corpse puppet, he is partly driven by his desire to protect Kurome, which proves that it was one of his dominant wishes.


Natala, along with a hundred of other children, was put through an exam in a forest full of Danger Beasts in order to choose the future members for The Empire's assassination groups. While the most skilled ones were recruited into Elite Seven, Natala didn't get enough points and ended up in an inferior group where he, along with other members, was given performance-enhancing drugs.

After his first mission with his group to assassinate a few bandits, Natala was among the survivors and was locked up with Gin and Kurome as punishment as their group was the only one to lose members.

Natala, Kurome, Gin later joined Elite Seven to replace deceased members on Elite Seven in order to recuperate its strength.

He died sometime before the main series' story and his deceased body was reanimated by Kurome using Yatsufusa.

He is later used in a battle against Night Raid, defending Kurome from her enemies. After the battle, Natala became one of the last two puppets, the other being Doya. Kurome also used him during the mission to protect Bolic, where Natala had to physically defend the Path of Peace member. He was damaged by Susanoo's attack and fell down, becoming unusable for a while, but Kurome used him again to help fight off Akame.

Natala was summoned again to assist Run in his mission to get revenge on Champ, and is later used to fight the members of Wild Hunt, Cosmina and Enshin. He was damaged by Enshin's attack but apparently wasn't destroyed.

Red Book Info

At one time, Natara was a member of the assassination squad along with Kurome and Akame. He guards Kurome as she wields her imperial arms, Yatsufusa. He and Tatsumi were evenly matched when Tatsumi was armed with Incursio. He was a powerful foe who sent Chelsea to her grave, but during the battle between Kurome and Akame, he was annihilated as he tried to protect Kurome against a dangerous beast that had revived.

Equipment and Skills

Natala wielded Trisula. Mine mistakenly thought it was a Teigu, but it is, in fact, a Shingu. Because the weapon's design allows it to expand and contract at will, its style of killing is to cut the opponent's body in two. Natala bifurcated Chelsea with this weapon.

Anime and Manga Differences

In the anime, when Night Raid had infiltrated the church to kill Bolic, both Natala and Doya were quickly defeated after a mere single blow from Susanoo.

During Kurome's reunion with her elder sister, Natala and Doya were summoned to assist their master in her final battle against Akame. Midway through the fight, a giant Danger Beast rouse beneath the church and started attacking the two. Before it could finish off Kurome, Natala pushed her out of harm's way and got crushed by the behemoth.


  • Natala's name is an alternate name of the Hindu Goddess, Shiva.


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