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Voiced by Tsuyoshi Koyama (Japanese)
George Manley (English)
Alias Ogre the Demon
Imperial Police Captain
Gender Male
Eye Color Red with black sclera
Hair Color Black, graying
Blood Type O
Status Deceased
Faction The Empire
Imperial Police
Media Debut
Manga Chapter 3
Anime Episode 2
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Ogre was a captain of the Imperial Police, and the former superior of Seryu. He was killed by Tatsumi.


Ogre was a large muscular man with black hair that was graying near his temples. He had an unusual hairstyle with four ponytails or braids on the back of his head wrapped in white cloth. He had a large star-shaped scar over his missing left eye, while his remaining eye was red with a black sclera. His teeth were shown to be quite sharp.

He usually wore a suit of armor typical for the Imperial Police. While training Seryu, he wore a white kimono.


Ogre was a prideful and corrupt man. He would accept bribes from an oil merchant named Gamal and other criminals, and often framed innocent people to take the fall for the criminals. He enjoyed interrogating suspects and presumably abused his authority quite often, going as far as calling himself "the king of the city".


He often spent his time out on patrols with his subordinates and hanging out at the garrison headquarters. He played a large role in the development and training of Seryu. Ogre was also the one that recommended Dr. Stylish to Seryu, as she wanted to become stronger.

After the fiancée of an executed man who was framed by Ogre told her story to Leone, Night Raid accepted her money and agreed to exterminate Ogre. After the truth of his corruption was confirmed by Leone, Night Raid decided to attack him during his off day from his Imperial Police duties, which he would often spend at a bar drinking. Tatsumi was able to lure Ogre into a back alley and pretended to want to join the military, and attacked when his back was turned. Despite wounding Ogre on his initial strike, an overconfident Tatsumi believed him dead and was almost hit by the counterattack, dodging it at the last moment. An enraged Ogre began to overpower Tatsumi in the resulting battle while promising to kill the executed man's fiancée and her entire family as well. However, at this moment, Tatsumi leaped into the air, slicing off both Ogre's arms and finishing him with a fierce slash.

Equipment and Skills

Ogre was talented in the use of swords, and his proficiency with them earned himself the nickname, "The Demon". He also had incredible strength, as he was capable of slamming Tatsumi down with his sword, causing the ground below to cave in.

He also had some martial art skills, as seen when he trained Seryu.

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