Voiced by
Gender Female
Height 154 cm (5'1")
Eye Color Lime
Hair Color Auburn
Blood Type O
Family Gozuki (Adoptive Father)
Status Unknown
Faction The Empire
Elite Seven
Shingu Yocto-bottoms
Media Debut
Manga Chapter 1 (Zero)
Anime Episode 22
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Poney is a member of The Empire's assassination group Elite Seven appearing in the prequel series Akame ga Kill! Zero. She uses the Shingu Yocto-bottoms.


Poney is a young girl with green eyes and long auburn hair worn in a ponytail and decorated with a few hairpins. She is usually seen wearing a tank top along with Yocto-bottoms which take the form of leggings with a belt and ankle bands. She also goes barefoot.


Poney is cheerful, straightforward and somewhat dimwitted, taking Gozuki's advice of "use your head" literally by smashing her head into one of her opponents during her first mission. She adores Gozuki and gladly completes orders he gives her and seems to actually enjoy fighting and killing her targets.


Poney was one of the many children that were sold to The Empire. She was picked to be put through a test in order to select candidates for The Empire's assassins. She was ranked fourth among the candidates and got into the Elite Seven.

Poney is seen acting as live bait for a snakelike dangerbeast. She was ordered to act "more deliciously" by Najasho after Akame killed a Land Tiger. When the dangerbeast eventually attacked her, she killed it with one kick to its head. After Najasho told her to sell it and carry it back, she questioned him about why he had done nothing but read his favorite book. He simply replies that she should have noticed it sooner.

Equipment and Skills

Poney is an expert hand-to-hand combatant, easily overpowering opponents while unarmed. With a physical boost given by the Shingu Yocto-bottoms, she acquires superhuman speed and strength as well. Like the other members of the Elite Seven, she is immune to most poisons. Poney can also detect and identify her companions by their scent.


  • Poney occasionally uses Najasho's shampoo, to his annoyance.
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