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The Revolutionary Army

The Revolutionary Army is a major rebel force that is fighting against The Empire's government. The Army is known to have at least three imperial generals (Hemi, Nakaido and Najenda) defected to it. The number of soldiers are currently unknown, as well as the amount of Teigu that are owned. The army hideout is currently located somewhere in the southern lands of the Empire, far south from the Capital.


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The revolutionary army rising against the corrupt empire.

The early history of the Revolutionary Army is unknown, as is the power structure it follows. While it is known to have started off with very few men, it has quickly grown with large numbers of defected Imperial soldiers and dissatisfied people willing to stand up against the corrupt Empire. It is shown that the Empire didn't regard the rebels very highly as they have done very little to try to stop them as they are focusing solely on its sub-faction Night Raid. This is, however, largely due to the fact that the army does not act out in the open or cause much trouble to The Empire, because they are building up their growing numbers and strength until they are strong enough to take on The Empire.

The army seems to possess a Teigu capable of divination and another Teigu capable of taming powerful Danger Beasts under their command. Najenda is shown as one of Revolutionary Army's Commander as she leads the assault on the capital on the final attack as their commander.

As far the story has shown Night Raid has sent five Teigu to the Army's HQ.

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Army Location

The Revolutionary Army began to make their move against the capital with the Path of Peace and the Western armies in a three-way assault.

In the anime, The Revolutionary Army began its full-scale assault on the Empire's capital led by Najenda while the few remaining members of Night Raid infiltrated the royal palace to kill Honest, successfully bringing down the corrupt government although suffered heavy casualties.



Out of the original 48 Teigu, the army currently has 12 in its possession. In addition, the army also lost 7 Teigu: one was captured by the Empire, another was lost in a conflict, while 5 were destroyed.

Known Teigu in possession

  1. Chaos Throw: Big Leaguer - Formerly owned by Wild Hunt's Champ
  2. Cutter of Creation: Extase - Formerly owned by Night Raid's Sheele  | Team Stylish's Kaku
  3. Demon Armor: Incursio - Used by Gensei | Bulat | fused with Tatsumi
  4. Double Bladed Axe: Belvaac - Formerly owned by The Three Beasts' Daidara
  5. Glorious Hands of God: Perfector - Formerly owned by Jaegers and Team Stylish's Dr. Stylish
  6. Great Tremor: Heavy Pressure - Formerly owned by Wild Hunt's Cosmina
  7. Military Music Dream: Scream - Formerly owned by Three Beasts' Nyau
  8. Moonlight Sword: Shamshir - Formerly owned by Wild Hunt's Enshin
  9. Omnipotent five sights: Spectator - Formerly owned by serial killer Zanku the Beheader
  10. Water Dragon Possession: Black Marlin - Formerly owned by Three Beasts' Liver
  11. A Danger Beast controlling Teigu- Used by an unnamed revolutionary.
  12. The Mysterious Adayusu - Formerly owned by Path of Peace`s Holimaca †.

Known Teigu formerly in possession

  1. Animal King: Lionelle - Destroyed by Honest's Teigu; formerly owned by a gravekeeper | Night Raid's Leone
  2. Infinite Uses: Cross Tail - Captured by the Empire; formerly owned by Night Raid's Lubbock
  3. L'Arc Qui Ne Faut - Unused; formerly owned by Nuge
  4. Phantasmagoria: Gaea Foundation - Destroyed by Jaegers Kurome with one slash; formerly owned by Night Raid's Chelsea
  5. One Cut Killer: Murasame- Destroyed by Jaeger's Esdeath by freezing the sword before breaking it bare-handed; formerly owned by Gozuki | Night Raid's Akame
  6. Roman Artillery: Pumpkin - Destroyed due to overheat; formerly owned by Night Raid's Najenda | Mine
  7. The Speed of Lightning: Susanoo - Destroyed by Jaeger's Esdeath in a duel; formerly owned by Night Raid's Najenda