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Kanji/Kana Kanji/Kana ロクゴウ
Rōmaji Rokugou
Voiced by Kento Fujinuma (Japanese)
Adam Noble (English)
Gender Male
Eye Color Purple
Hair Color Red
Blood Type
Status Deceased
Faction The Empire (Defected)
Media Debut
Manga Chapter 30
Anime Episode 16
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Rokugou was a general serving The Empire before his attempt of defection which failed and was assassinated by Kurome, becoming one of her puppets in the process.


Rokugou was a middle-aged man with red hair who wore what appears to be a vest and a robe underneath along with black trousers and sandals. He had purple eyes.


Not much is known about his personality before his death at the hands of Kurome, but according to Najenda's flashback, he was a kind man and would sometimes invite her to dinner.


Nothing is known about his past life aside from Najenda's brief flashback of him inviting her to dinner.

Sometime before the start of the series, he was assassinated by Kurome for his attempted defection to The Revolutionary Army. Since Najenda wasn't aware of his death, it can be assumed that he died after Najenda's defection.

During Night Raid's ambush, he fought Leone and later Najenda. Initially presumed defeated, Rokugou later got back on his feet, now without a head. Najenda was disgusted by Yatsufusa's ability and furiously attacked Rokugou before sending him flying towards Desta-Ghoul's beam, which disintegrated his body.

Red Book Info

Rokugo was a general in The Empire, and a comrade of Najenda. He had been assassinated when he betrayed The Empire and tried to join the Revolutionary Army. He is able to wield a whip freely, and has a special move called "Earth Shaker." In his battle with Najenda, he is sent flying into Death-Taghoul's ray, which wipes him out in an instant.


Rokugou wielded a whip that can even be used destroy rocks. Despite not possessing a Teigu, he has shown amazing fighting capability and strength; such as making fast attacks with his whip that even Leone's lion form couldn't initially catch on to.

  • Earth Shaker (アースシェイカー Āsusheikā)

Being a resurrected puppet, he does not feel pain nor fatigue. He can't be defeated until his body is destroyed completely.


  • He's named after a station on the Keihin Electric Express Railway.


Rokugoh (Akame ga Kill Ep 16).jpg

It seems before he died, Rokugoh used to spar with young genral Najenda, and often invited her to go out for a drink. Yatsufusa had the ability to toy with corpses and desecrate them to the end.


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