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Members of the Sabatini group.

The Sabatini Show was a group of The Revolutionary Army's spies. They used their disguise as a traveling circus to collect information around the Empire. They were targeted and eliminated by the Elite Seven.


Nothing is known about the group's past other than being part of The Revolutionary Army. A few years before the events of Akame Ga Kill!, they met Akame, who was a member of the Elite Seven by the time, and Tsukushi. The two told them that their parents were killed and they wanted a place to stay. They offered to join their circus in exchange for food and shelter.

One month after this incident, bandits attacked the group. The bandits were all killed because of Akame and Tsukushi's efforts. This led to Sabatini, the leader of the group, to offer them to join their cause. The girls responded by killing him and the rest of the group with the assistance of the other members of the Elite Seven.