Trap Teigu
Voiced by
Full name Trap Teigu
Type Panel
Status Unused
Faction The Empire
User Elite Body Guard
Former users
Abilities Activation of Traps
Trump Card
Media Debut
Manga Chapter 70

It is one of the 48 Teigu created by order of the First Emperor. It was in the hands of a guard of the Empire.


It was used by one of the palace`s elite bodyguards to prevent Akame and Leone from killing both Koukei and Dousen, during the rebellion of the Revolutionary Army.


This Teigu has the ability to activate traps after the user presses one of the panel buttons.
List of traps that the Teigu is seen activating:

  • Bouncy balls trap: When activated it released multiple bouncy balls. It was used against Leone.
  • Spear Trap: When activated it Released multiple spears from the ground. It was used against Akame.
  • Arrow Trap: When activated it released multiple arrows, the arrows also released a poison gas. It was used against Akame.

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