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Wild Hunt was a group of Teigu users formed and led by Shura, the son of Prime Minister Honest, operating as the Secret Police of the Empire.


Wild Hunt was set up for the sake of aiding and compensating for the losses of the special Police Squad, the Jaegers as well as taking out Night Raid. However, Wild Hunt were causing and relishing in carnage, abusing their power and position to terrorize the entire Empire with their vile acts and making themselves the prime enemies of both Night Raid and the Jaegers.

However, after Run of the Jaegers did an investigation and found out that Syura was the person behind the unleashing of Danger Beasts created by the late Dr. Stylish, Jaegers' Esdeath filed an official report, forcing Honest to officially disband the team much to Syura's displeasure.

After the disbandment itself, Wild Hunt remained operational despite now working in separate ways. Dorothea works with the Prime Minister to imbue Alchemy into Shikoutazer and turning Cosmina into a danger beast while the rest remain around the Empire's palace. Later, they're all killed when Night Raid locates Dorothea and the others after launching an attack on one of Revolutionaries outpost.


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