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Yomihime color.png
Kanji/Kana ヨミヒメ
Rōmaji Yomihime
Voiced by
Alias Commander Yomihime
Gender Female
Eye Color
Hair Color
Blood Type
Status Alive
Faction Tenrou
Media Debut
Manga Chapter 1 (Hinowa ga Yuku!)
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Yomihime is a young commander of the Tenrou nation, one of the highest rank of Tenrou nation Commander.[1]


Yomihime is a young woman with long dark hair.[1] She wears a long dark cloak with a hood.[2]


Yomihime is a calm, collected and dutiful person. When her nation was defeated at Ryuumon castle,[2] she remained calm and collected Sakuza's head.[3] Afterwards, she simply noted that unifying all nations was in sight but still a long way off.[4] She also respects strong opponents, as seen when she complimented Hinowa before killing her.[5]


Yomihime was present at the battle of Ryuumon castle.[2] She boarded Hinowa's ship to retrieve Sakuza's head.[1][3] During the following short skrimish she killed Hinowa[6] and several of her men[7] before leaving with Sakuza's head.[8] She later retreated with her remaining troops.[4] Later she took command of assaulting Shiranui Fortress by detaching her first unit that she later learned that it has been wiped out. Commanding herself into the battle, she encounters Hinata and Tobari as she manages to seriously wound Tobari. The sight of Hinata reminds her that she thought Hinowa was killed by her own hands instead now she encounters her daughter.

Having been able to corner Hinata single-handedly and even breaking her sword and Suzumaru's spear, she was prepared to execute her but Akame manage to arrive in time to assist Hinata. She dueled Akame until she uses her killing signature Falcon Sweep, Akame manages to deflect it, in addition, she manages to wound her. Frustrated, Yomihime escapes following the Tenrou Nation and she will remember both Hinata and Akame, willing to take revenge on the next battle.

Skills and Equipment

Yomihime is an incredibly skilled fighter. She easily killed enemy soldiers [7] and was able to kill Hinowa,[6] a strong fighter in her own right capable of killing seabeasts [9] and an experienced warrior like Sakuza [10][11] by herself, with little effort. However, she remarked afterward that Hinowa was the first person to injure her in battle[8] and the second is Akame.

She possesses exceptional endurance and very sharp senses. She was capable of swimming near the ocean floor for a significant duration of time [1][3], and immediately identified the head of Sakuza by smell.[12]

Yomihime also possesses a mark in her right eye [13] and is capable of pushing Hinowa back [13] and later making her explode through unknown means.[6] She remarked that even she herself doesn't know if she's human.[13]

She was also very skilled at swordsmanship, notably able to corner Hinata single-handedly while also breaking her sword and Suzumaru's spear with a single stroke. She is also able to parry Akame albeit Akame is slightly more powerful, even with her body taking the effects of Murasame's curse.

Falcon Sweep is Yomihime's sure-kill signature technique that apparently had a guaranteed rate of fatality until Akame managed to parry and counter the move.

Yomihime was equipped with a Meihou, a weapon that was made from Danger Beasts. Akame's first weapon barely holds and breaks unnoticed by Yomihime after she retreats from the duel.


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